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The Watches of James Bond

Since his inception in 1953, James Bond has been defined by his style. One of the most important aspects of his fashion has been his watch. Not only does he wear them as a status symbol, thanks to Q it’s helped him get out of more than one spot of bother over the years. The […]

Swiss Watches: Still the Best

The concept of luxury watches is almost synonymous with Switzerland, and many of the leading Swiss manufacturing brands have become giants of the watch making industry, with the country producing some of the most expensive watches available on the market today. Despite their often hefty price tag, there is no sign of a decline in […]

Why Clean Jewellery?

Luxury jewellery is one of the most desirable status symbols on the market for a person that is seeking to make a strong statement of style. The inherent qualities of luxury jewellery items mean that they are typically a long lasting investment, although carelessness or unforeseen circumstances can always result in the need for jewellery […]

A Brief History of Wrist-Watch Fashion

In today’s modern world, a watch is more than a device just to tell the time, it is a fashion statement – an advertisement of status. In fact watches throughout time have been seen as an accessory relevant to status and class. In a world full of technological advances it’s quite amazing to think that […]