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How to Avoid Broken Jewels

There’s nothing worse than when your favourite bit of jewellery breaks. Don’t fear! We here at Martins of Glasgow do jewellery repairs! But… it’s always better to know what Jewellery to get in the first place to make sure that your jewellery is the best for you!

A Buyers Guide to Pre-Owned Watches

Investing in a beautiful timepiece can be an easy decision to make for some, especially those who simply want an attractive watch to wear on their wrist. However, to more serious watch enthusiasts who want an exceptional piece of kit or people wanting more value for their money, trawling through the vast world of pre-owned […]

Why are Diamonds so Precious?

Diamonds are a lot of things – a girl’s best friend, a proposal of marriage and of course a beautiful item. But why is that? Each diamond holds a unique meaning to the wearer, as they are extremely precious in their own right. But there is a common route that all modern diamonds have gone […]

Most Expensive Jewellery in The World!

The jewellery that we wear is one of the most personal and expressive things that we own. In spite of it usually having no other purpose than itself, jewellery is one of the few inanimate objects that can transcend itself and become almost a part of the wearer. There are a huge range of materials […]

A History of… Omega

Omega watches are trusted by James Bond, NASA and the Olympic Games so to say that they’re reliable would be the understatement of the century-and-a-bit that they’ve been operating. Not only do they have impeccably accurate watches, Omega has a rich and interesting history and this article will be dedicated to just that. Continuing on […]

How the Quartz Crisis Changed the Watch World

What’s on your watch? Do you wear a watch? Or maybe you’ve got an incredible watch that you wish you could wear (in which case, you’ve come to the right place, since we specialise in everything from Rolex and Omega to TAG Heuer watch repairs). But back to the main question: what’s written on your […]

4 of the Most Unusual Watches in the World

Watches are so diverse that it’s rare to be surprised by a design anymore. With the Apple Watch allowing you to take calls, Casio’s 80s watch including calculators and even watches powered by the sun, are there even any unique ideas left? Well, as we take a look through some of the even more bizarre […]

A History of… TAG Heuer

Regular readers of our blog will remember that we’ve recently started looking at the illustrious history of particular watch brands. Last time we studied the incredible Breitling history. This time, we’re casting our keen eye on another classic Swiss brand, as we discover TAG Heuer’s rich heritage.

Will Smart Watches Become the Apple of Apple’s Eye?

Apple… go back half a century and it was simply a healthy snack, now though the times have changed… drastically. Mention the word Apple now and it conjures up an entirely different image, one of polished aluminium and colourful user interfaces. Apple is now the most powerful brand… in the world! Want to guess their […]

The Big and Beautiful: A Gemstone Legacy

Now you know we love watches; we love everything about them and pride ourselves on our excellent service. But we’d like you to know that we bring this level of passion and expertise to everything we do, including our jewellery. We love our work and this is why we are so unique, offering complete remodelling […]