If you are an avid watch collector or even if you just have a prized Tag Heuer or Omega, storing your timepieces safely is essential, especially when you go away on holiday or on business.
Here are three top tips for safely storing your watch collection.

Bank Deposit Box

Perhaps the safest place to store your watches is in a bank deposit box. The boxes are held within the bank’s vault in a safe room that is protected by CCTV and other robust security mechanisms. Bank deposit boxes are also fully insured.

Although security is undoubtedly good, the main drawback to using bank deposit boxes is accessibility. This is a potential issue if you are someone who likes to rotate your watches regularly or simply enjoys looking at them!

Home Safe

If you prefer to keep your watch collection at home, you might want to consider buying your own safe. Most large DIY stores supply home safes, which can be hidden somewhere in your house. You can choose from a mechanical locking mechanism or an electronic lock to keep your watches secure. However, most small safes can easily be picked up and carried away by a determined thief, so either choose a large, heavy one or bolt the safe to a wall.

Watch Winder And Storage Boxes

Storing your watches correctly and safely is also about protecting them from damage and dust. Some watches need winding regularly too, and storing them in a purpose-constructed watch winder can be helpful.

Look to see if the winder has a programme and if so, how easy is it to change this and devise your own programme. This is important if you have watches with different winding specifications. Most watches do have an inbuilt protection against over-winding but pay attention to the maximum windings that are permitted for your individual watches.

You may also want to consider how noisy the winder is when it is operating; cheaper winders can be very loud and may be annoying if kept in a bedroom or home office. If you plan to keep the winder in a safe, you will need to choose a model with batteries, rather than a power plug.

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