We offer a full & complete engraving service. John, our hand engraver, is one of the finest engravers in Scotland. No task is too small or too complex. From a single initial on a signet ring or a message of devotion inside a wedding band to seal engraving, perhaps your family or clans crest?

We can copy handwriting and signatures, engrave in just about any popular font or typestyle, and we are regularly asked to engrave runes and Elvish!

We also offer “milling”, machine and computer engraving

Please be aware, our engraving services are very popular, and I am afraid we cannot offer a same day or even a next day service.

The only exception to this is if an item, such as a ring, bangle, Quaich, flask etc., is purchased from us, and this still depends on the workload current at the time of purchase.

One Of Our More Unusual Engraving Requests!

Over the past few years we had provided seal rings, cufflinks, pendants etc for this particular family, using their clan crest, but on this occassion, a younger and dare I say, trendier member of the family, decided she wanted something a bit more in keeping with todays current fashion for piercing.

Yes, its a banana or navel bar, made in 9ct yellow gold, with the clan crest hanging on an articulated gold disc!

We have asked for a picture of the bar insitu, but the young lady has been slow in complying!

We also have computer engraving at our disposal and can supply business and commemorative plaques in a wide range of materials and finishes for a variety of applications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any help with your engraving enquiries.

We also stock a wide range of quaich’s and baby / christening gifts, and can offer competitive prices for multiple purchases for events, conferences, teams etc.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you think we may be able to assist?

Banana Bar

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