Jewellery Repairs By Martin’s Of Glasgow

Ever since the 1990s, Martin’s of Glasgow has been renowned for giving its customers high quality jewellery repairs

We will always investigate the possibility of repair, even in cases where the customer was told this was not possible. As leading providers of jewellery repairs in Glasgow, we can guarantee that any jewellery repairs carried out by Martin’s will be of the highest standard and carried out by fully qualified craftsmen. Our service is completely open and honest, and not only do we offer you a guarantee on our jewellery repairs, but we will not charge you for our estimates. 

Highest Quality Jewellery Repairs In Glasgow

At Martin’s of Glasgow, we pride ourselves on the quality and range of our jewellery repairs – whether you’re looking to replace the catch on a chain or match the stone on a ring, we promise great results.

If you have broken a beaded necklace – whether it’s formed from synthetic or genuine pearls – we offer a professional restringing service, and can even replace lost or missing pearls.

All our jewellery repairs are conducted with the highest level of care, so there’s no need to worry about the safety of your item.

Leading Experts In Jewellery Repairs

We understand how much our customers love and value their jewellery, so we are committed to giving them the highest level of service when it comes to our jewellery repairs. When looking for comprehensive, hassle free jewellery repairs in Glasgow, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can be contacted either by calling us on 0141 946 6333 or email

We Supply The Following Jewellery Repairs:


  • break repairs
  • catch replacements


  • shank repairs/replacement
  • resizing
  • claw replacement
  • stone replacement & matching
  • diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, rubies, opals, pearls, etc
  • setting repairs & replacement
  • remodelling
  • swivel rings (usually Masonic)


  • stems
  • safety wires
  • screw backs
  • hinge repairs
  • stone replacement
  • butterflies


  • pins
  • hinges

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