Jewellery Making

As the premier jewellers in Glasgow, we can make jewellery to commission either to your design, or ours, or perhaps a combination of both?

The images below are a recent commission from a gentleman client who wanted something traditional for a special anniversary.

The finished ring had to have a fine quality ruby in the centre, be surrounded by ten diamonds and to be set in 18ct gold.

Sherwoods Ruby Ring
Sherwoods Ruby Ring
Sherwoods Ruby Ring

The ruby is 2.15 carats and the ten diamonds total 3.22 carats. The majority of cluster rings have eight or twelve stones, especially when the stones are of this size, so this setting had to be hand made to our instructions.

Now one of our more recent & unusual requests!

Over the past few years we had provided seal rings, cufflinks, pendants etc for this particular family, using their clan crest, but on this occasion, a younger and dare I say, trendier member of the family, decided she wanted something a bit more in keeping with today’s current fashion for piercing.

Belly Bar with Crest!

Yes, its a banana or navel bar, made in 9ct yellow gold, with the clan crest hanging on an articulated gold disc!

Click here for a list of birthstones.

Jewellery Re-modelling

It is becoming increasingly popular to have existing items of jewellery re-modelled. There are three main areas:-
  1. You have probably built up a collection of odd earrings, broken chains, items that are no longer fashionable or trendy etc, and they are lying at the bottom of your jewellery box or in a drawer serving no purpose whatsoever. These items can be re-modelled into several different styles and or items of jewellery that you would wear!The more usual ideas are rings, pendants, bangles or earrings.Prices for this start at only £65.00 for a simple flat band, with bangles starting at £85.00.We can even take the value of any excess items left over off the final cost.
  2. Perhaps you have been left a piece of jewellery, maybe a wedding, or diamond ring, or an antique brooch, but the style is not to your taste.We can remodel this to a beautiful piece of jewellery that would be proud to wear, with the added fact that it has included in the making the original piece of jewellery left from a dear or departed relative.Prices for this vary a great deal, but as a guide if we were to take a single stone from an item of older jewellery, and re-modelling it into a simple but pleasing and eye catching ring, using 18ct white or yellow gold, prices start from £350.00.*(* This price should taken as a guide only. Due to the daily fluctuating price of precious metals, we will estimate the cost of any work requested)
  3. Remodelling engagement rings by simply changing the settings to something a bit more contemporary. Usually this is done by supplying and setting a modern mount for the existing stones and it usually improves the look of the ring by letting more light into the diamonds.
An example of this can be seen with the images below.
The settings on the left were “classic” round four claw mounts. The mounts were changed for modern “square” mounts, giving the ring an all together more modern feel. The result can be seen on the image on the right. Although very simple to do, it’s amazing what can be achieved just by changing settings!
3 Stone: After
3 Stone: Before

The two rings on the right, were a wedding & engagement ring. Both rings were set with princess cut diamonds. Our client decided that she wanted something a bit more “contemporary” using all the stones in one ring. She originally went back to the jewellers in the Argyle Arcade in Glasgow, to ask them if they could remodel the rings? They declined, as they simply buy in ready made settings and mount them with stones. So we were given the challenge

Princes Cuts: After
Princes Cuts: Before

The second image on the right is the result. We had to add one diamond and the stones are all set in 18ct yellow & white gold.

A successful result and a more than delighted client!

Should you have any questions regarding having a piece of jewellery commissioned or remodelled, please do not hesitate to contact either Gail or Martin.