Rolex Watch Repairs & Rolex Watch Servicing

Rolex watches are built to last, but if something does go wrong then Martin’s of Glasgow can offer Rolex watch repairs and servicing to restore your timepiece to its former glory. The specialists that we work with are all approved by the British Watch and Clockmaker’s Guild, and include screw, bezel and case makers, who will turn their expert eyes to specific issues that you might be having with your Rolex watch.

Most Rolex servicing is carried out by Graham. Our Rolex accredited technician & colleague. Graham has the reputation for being one of the best Rolex “refinishers” within the UK. This means that no matter whether your watch is a vintage Rolex Precision, Airking, Datejust, Explorer, or GMT etc, or a more recent addition to the Rolex portfolio, we can service and restore it.

Please note, as Rolex deem the Seadweller to be a professional divers watch, and that lives can depend on it, we cannot accept such watches for servicing.

The exception to this would be vintage models, with written confirmation from the owner that their watch is not going to be treated as water resistant.

A Delicate Rolex Watch Servicing and Repairs Procedure

It’s important to know that your prized timepiece is being treated well, so to help you relax when you hand your watch over to Martin’s of Glasgow we have provided a detailed outline of the procedure that we use for Rolex watch servicing, as well as servicing for other brands.

This checklist includes stripping down the movement so that it can be carefully cleaned and lubricated with dedicated cleaning products and watch ‘baths’. Once the mechanisms have been adjusted or repaired, and we have refitted them, we also use ultrasonic cleaning methods to ensure that when your Rolex is returned it is in the best possible condition. Rolex is the largest supplier of COSC chronometer-certified movements in the world, so it’s essential to maintain their precision.

Although this means that this means we’ll be getting up close and personal with the watch’s mechanisms there’s no need to worry – with decades of experience behind us, we can comfortably vouch for the skill of each of our experts.

For more general or cosmetic Rolex watch repairs, we will move through a similar process, though we will focus our attention on the specific issues that you are having. Rolex often do things a little differently to some of the other watchmakers out there, with their iconic Oyster cases, perpetual movements and modern embracing of ceramic bezels serving as a case in point. Regardless, our professionals know what they’re doing. This may mean refinishing the bracelet, refitting parts – with official replacements wherever they are available – or repairing a case, and when our work is done we will monitor your watch to ensure that it makes a full recovery before returning it to you.

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Please get in touch with the team, online or at 0141 946 6333, to talk over your needs; we will be more than happy to help you with your Rolex repairs, providing a superior Rolex service.