Watch Service Procedure

When servicing a watch, the following work is undertaken. Some items may not be applicable to your specific watch.

  1. Open the case, remove the movement.
  2. Remove the hands and dial from the movement.
  3. If replacing the complete movement, ignore items IV through VIII.
  4. Strip down the movement into its individual components.
  5. Check whether the watch parts function correctly, checking for rust or wear.
  6. Determine if any parts require replacing. Estimate to client if required.
  7. Wash the stripped down movement in cleaning machine with specific baths.
  8. Assemble and lubricate the movement. (Several different grades of lubricant may used when lubricating a watch)
  9. Adjust the movement in accordance with our quality criteria.
  10. Fit the dial and the hands.
  11. Bench test & final adjustment of the movement.
  12. Ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet.
  13. Polish the case and the bracelet. (This is not refurbishing. Refurbishing costs from £50.00)
  14. Re-assemble the case.
  15. Close the case and check the water-resistance (if appropriate).
  16. Set the correct time on the watch, check the cleanliness and the functioning of the assembled watch.
  17. Bench test over 24 hours. If not satisfactory, the watch is returned to the watchmaker for the necessary corrections.
  18. Fit the bracelet or strap and carry out a final check before returning the watch to you.

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