Other Repairs

Please see the list below for some examples of specialist repairs

Mercurial Barometers – Both Stick & Wheel (Banjo)

New glass tubes, mercury supplied, thermometers supplied or made, glass replaced and complete restoration if required.

Glass Replaced For Aneroid And Mercurial Barometers

Round, square, or even hexagonal! This is actually a very common repair, especially for aneroid barometers, and we can even supply new indicators if required.


Servicing by Dennis and complete restoration if required.

Silver & Silver Plate

Repairs, restoration and commissions undertaken. We can also have brushes re bristled and if you are patient we can supply blue glass liners for salts and bon-bon dishes etc.

Clock Repair, Servicing & Restoration

After the sad death of Dennis in 2017, we have recently started a new and young clock repairer, Gareth, and his work so far, has proved excellent.

We have been running a waiting list for clock repairs, which, as of 20th August 2020 has 125 clients details, to be contacted as we work through the list

Sadly we have had to make the decision to close the waiting list, at least for the foreseeable future. Please let us assure you that this was not an easy decision to make.

However. We are still able to accept specialist clocks and timepieces.  (eg we are currently servicing and restoring an Orrery. An incline clock, And a falling ball clock) If you wish any advice or wish to discuss a particular clock, please contact Martin at martin@martinsjewellers.co.uk,

Important, please do not turn up unannounced with a clock for potential repair before contacting us first. 

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