Watch Repairs

Overhaul And Servicing

Since 1992 we have searched, found & developed contacts & colleagues who can overhaul, repair & restore just about any watch, but our speciality is the repair of quality watches at realistic prices. E.G. Rolex, Cartier, Omega, IWC, Jaeger le Coultre, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Longine, Tissot, etc, etc.

Please see the list at the foot of the page, for a list of watch brands we repair.

Cell Battery Replacement From Only £7.95

We use Swiss made Renata cells, as we believe they are the best watch cells on the market, and can supply & fit cells for all makes of watches including quality quartz watches that most jewellers are scared to touch! E.g. Breitling, Cartier, Ebel, Tag-Heuer etc.

The exception to this is for quartz Omega Seamasters, where Energizer batteries are recommended. This is due to their shape, making a more secure fit.

Also kept in stock is a full range of batteries for digital watches (Casio G-Shock etc)

Please note we cannot test Casio watches for water resistance. If you require your Casio to be tested for water resistance, you will have to return it to Casio. Unfortunately, with some Casio G-Shock models, we are also unable to re-program or reset them.

Martin's of Glasgow, 1987 - 2024

Celebrating 37 Years of customer satisfaction

Testing For Water Resistance

We offer a pressure and vacuum testing service faster and at less cost than most “High Street” jewellers, and in most cases can carry this out by return, if mailed in to us, or while you wait, if brought in!

If personally brought into our shop, this can usually be done while you wait, or by return (If the watch passes the tests!) unless we are very busy, in which case we may take 48 hours. (Note there are exceptions. Please call in advance for more information)

Please note that if the watch fails the WR tests, new case, glass or crown seals may be required and if we do not have in stock, this may entail further costs and take slightly longer. We would inform you if this were the case.

Our average cost for testing to 5atm / 50 mts/ 5bar & cell replacement is £45.00stg, plus return insured mail if mailed into us.

Testing to 100mts/10ATM/10BAR and above, takes aprx 1 working week and costs from £55.00 and up depending on the brand.

Good News Regarding Omega F300hz’s And Any Other Obsolete Quartz Or Electronic Watch Using An Obsolete Calibre!

For the past few years we have been using the services of a fantastic company who can succesfully service and repair the majority of the obsolete tuning fork and electronic calibres! This is great news if you have been struggling to find someone to undertake such work.

I do feel, however, that you should note two points.

  • This work does not come cheap. The starting costs, bearing in mind that we are talking about obsolete calibres, is usually from £295.00 and we have had costs at over £700.00. So you must really be attached to your watch to have this work undertaken.

  • We will still quite happily estimate with no obligation or charge as far as Martins of Glasgow are concerned, but should you decline the estimate the company we use do charge us £35.00 for the admin’ & the labour costs entailed whilst estimating (And rightly so) so we obviously have to pass this on to the client.

Did you know that there are six different calibre’s of Bulova Accutron movements, and other companies such as Omega used these movements as well?

We keep the full range of available cells for these watches. Possibly the only jeweller in Scotland to do so!

Important point regarding the above cells. They were manufactured using mercury oxide and are now illegal to produce. We have the silver oxide equivalents along with special adapters to fit specific Bulova, Omega, I.W.C, and other models using the Accutron movements.

Part Jobs

  • Crowns (winders) – genuine parts used from manufacturers, unless not available.
  • Pushers (Especially Tag Heuer chronos’ &
  • Speedmaster’s
  • Stems
  • Glasses
  • Hands
  • Dial restoration
  • Case repairs.
  • Bracelet repairs


  • Low/high dome
  • Flat round/square/shaped & hand formed.
  • Tag Heuer
  • Omega
  • Rolex etc
  • Hardened sapphire

Dial Restoration

If the dial of your watch is worn or faded we can restore this to “as new”.

Case Repairs

We can repair damaged cases for many vintage & antique wrist & American pocket/fob watches.

The two most common case repair we get asked for with wrist watches, is to make or replace a bezel or lug.

We can do this for some watches, although due to the variances of watch design, it is by estimate only.

* Any prices mentioned are subject to change and, in the case of Rolex Perpetuals, does not include the Seadweller, Daytona or any “vintage” model prior to 1980. The price mentioned in the examples for both Rolex & Omega, also does not include any parts, materials or further work deemed by us to be required over and above a service.
* When we furnish a client with an estimate, but further parts, materials or further work is deemed to be required, this will not be undertaken without first informing the client, providing a quote, and second, obtaining their express permission to proceed as quoted.
* The cost does not include return trackable, insured return mail.