Watches are so diverse that it’s rare to be surprised by a design anymore. With the Apple Watch allowing you to take calls, Casio’s 80s watch including calculators and even watches powered by the sun, are there even any unique ideas left? Well, as we take a look through some of the even more bizarre watches of the world we’ll find out that the answer is a definite yes!

Nuvati, from Zaniz & Co.

The phrase “time and space” has never been more applicable to anything that it is for this watch. Zanis & Co.’s mantra is “Be Amazing” and they certainly lived up to this when they created the Nuvati. The watch features not only 70 floating diamonds, but also fragments that have been brought back from the Moon and Mars. If you don’t believe it: Zanis & Co. Have worked with a professional meteorite hunter and used chemical analysis to authenticate the fragments. Each watch includes a story of where the fragments have come from, but production was limited to only 600 pieces. Surprisingly, the watch costs just under £1,000, cheaper than the Apple Watch Edition.

Concrete Watch, from Dzimitry Samal

If rocks from the Moon and Mars are a little too exotic for you, the Concrete Watch by Dzimitry Samal has something a little more familiar. The face of the watch is made up of high-density concrete and looks surprisingly sophisticated. This watch comes from Dzimitry Samal’s equally beautiful, and probably particularly heavy, desk clock.

The Paper Watch

From the expensive and well-designed, to the cheap and yet-to-be designed, the Paper Watch is next on our list. Costing less than £10, the Paper Watch is a cheaply made digital watch that you can draw on yourself however you see fit. Being made out of paper, the watch is unlikely to be something you’ll have for a long time, but it’s certainly a fun and creative idea.

The Time Traveller Watch, from Mr. Jones Watches

This watch won’t really allow you to travel in time, but it will allow you to know the time around the world in a cool and innovative way. The watch has 16 hands designed to look like landmarks from around the world. This watch will allow you to tell the time in London with a Big Ben hand, and the time in New York with the Statue of Liberty.


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