One of the biggest moments in a couple’s lives together is an engagement. The commitment to spend a lifetime together is huge, and it’s also romantic. Making sure the engagement goes smoothly can be a big cause of stress so the last thing you need is to be fretting over which engagement ring to purchase. The goal is to pick a ring that takes your partner’s breath away, but what ring will do that?

These five tips are designed to make engagement ring shopping smoother and much less stressful. This means you can focus on other things, such as planning the perfect proposal.

Set a Budget Before You Start Shopping

Once you’re in a shop looking at all the brilliant settings and designs it’s easy to throw your budget out the window. You can get caught up in the moment, get drawn in by the sparkle and shine, and end up overspending. This is why it’s wise to set a firm budget before you start shopping and let the sales person know what it is from the get-go. They can then direct you to the options in your price range.

What are The Four C’s?

The next tip is to brush up on your diamond knowledge. It comes down to the “Four C’s” when you’re shopping for a diamond.

The Four C’s stand for:

Cut – This refers to the shape of the diamond.

Clarity – This is determined by the inclusions within a diamond.

Carat – This refers to the weight/size of the diamond.

Colour – This is almost self explanatory. From white to cognac and all colours in between. 

Remember, just because a diamond doesn’t get a high ranking in each of these categories doesn’t mean the stone isn’t stunning. Many of these are next to invisible to the naked eye. A diamond with a lower colour and clarity is just as beautiful and will cost much less.

What Settings Are Considered Stylish?

Choosing the diamond is only half the battle. You also need to have a general idea of which setting your partner would love. Some that are considered stylish are solitaire, channel, halo, three-stone, bezel, and pavé. The style you pick should reflect your partner’s style preferences, which could be traditional, classic, trendy, understated, modern, and so forth.

It’s also worth noting that some settings better showcase the diamond, such as a solitaire. This setting lets the diamond be the star, so you must pick an impressive stone.

What Metal Will You Choose?

Other than the diamond, you also need to consider the metal. Think about what your partner typically wears, not just in jewellery but even their clothing style. The most common metals used for engagement rings are yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Not only do they look different, but they will also vary in price.

Due to the precious metal prices, platinum and 18ct gold are almost equal when it comes to costs. That said, platinum is the more durable. 

Don’t Worry So Much About Your Partner’s Ring Size

A big stressor can be figuring out what ring size their partner wears. Keep in mind that a ring can usually be sized up or down, depending on the setting. Be sure to ask before purchasing an engagement ring.

We Are Here to Help Make the Engagement Ring Memorable

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