Discovering that there is something wrong with your watch can be really distressing, especially if there doesn’t seem to be any explanation. Even though they can suddenly stop working for seemingly unexplainable reasons, it’s worth knowing that there is almost always a reason behind the breakdown of a watch.

As a leading watch repair company, we’re experts at identifying the reasons why your watch has stopped working. Here are just some of the most common ones we’ve come across.

The Battery has Died

A dead battery is properly the most common reason for a watch stopping. If you have a digital watch, the battery life will be a lot shorter. Other factors that influence this include the amount your watch is used and whether it’s been exposed to extreme temperatures for a prolonged time.

It’s Suffered Physical Damage

If you wear your watch daily, it can often suffer from physical damage. Whether it’s caused by an activity at work or by dropping it when putting on/taking off, there are lots of reasons during our daily routine that could result in it becoming damaged.

 It’s Been Exposed to Water

 Even a drop of water can affect the way that your watch works. The gears in watches become rusty when exposed to water, which causes it to break down over a short amount of time. If not spotted early, it will need replacing completely.

 It’s Been Constructed Poorly

Sometimes watches stop working because of a manufacturer fault. If the small delicate parts aren’t installed properly at time of construction, they could easily become detached later on – causing lots of problems.

 You Have a High Electrical Current


Some people are believed to have high electrical currents in their body, making it harder to wear watches. This is because the electrical fields affect the life of the battery – draining it a lot quicker than those people who have a low electrical current.


 The Hands Have Come Loose


 It’s rare for the hands of analogue watch to break but they do often come loose over time. This could be after suffering from a sudden impact! The hands of a watch are extremely delicate and need to be handled with care.


 The Watchband Needs Replacing


Sometimes the problem with your watch isn’t with the watch itself but with the watchband. This is actually a really common problem – they often need replacing.


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