Whether you’re on holiday, out on a business lunch or just travelling for work, there’s nothing worse than your watch failing you; after all, with the battery life of smartphones, you can’t always guarantee you’ll be able to check the time throughout the day. For catching a plane, knowing when you need to get back to the office or how long until the conference starts, a watch is the perfect, reliable accessory. Most of the time.

Looking after your watch will help it to take care of you. Whether it’s Tag Heuer replacement parts you need or even a full watch repair, these tips will ensure your watch keeps good time for you for longer.

Trust the Professionals

It may be tempting to buy a do-it-yourself kit online, but if you don’t know what you’re doing there’s a chance you’ll end up with a watch that’s even less usable than before! By going to an expert, you’re choosing to take your watch to someone who knows what they’re doing and exactly how to fix what’s wrong. After all, you wouldn’t do surgery yourself – you’d go to a doctor. It’s the same with your watch.

Keep it Clean

If your watch isn’t sandproof, mudproof or waterproof, then it’s probably not a good idea to take it to the beach, on a muddy run or wear it in the bath. It sounds like common sense, but many unsalvagable watches are due to them being used or worn inappropriately. If you know your life is very active – and very messy – choose a watch that matches that lifestyle.

Buy From a Genuine Retailer

Buying your Rolex or Omega watch from eBay might seem like a fantastic bargain, but it’s likely that you’re not getting the real deal. Whereas most brand-name, expensive watches have been designed to last a long time, these knock-offs aren’t made of the same stuff. To keep your watch healthy, it’s advisable to pick a good watch in the first place.

Looking to repair your watch or want to know more about how you can maintain your timepiece? Contact us today, we can help with any watch-related queries you may have.