Regular readers of our blog will remember that we’ve recently started looking at the illustrious history of particular watch brands. Last time we studied the incredible Breitling history. This time, we’re casting our keen eye on another classic Swiss brand, as we discover TAG Heuer’s rich heritage.


What’s in a Name

Ok, before we start, do you know what TAG Heuer means? Well, the ‘TAG’ is an acronym, standing for Techniques d’Avant Garde. Heuer, on the other hand, is the name of the company’s founder, Edouard Heuer, who opened his first workshop in 1860 in Saint Imier, a mountain village in Switzerland. Back then, the company was called Heuer Watchmaking – which isn’t exactly an inspired name.


But the focus wasn’t on a catchy name – that would come later. The real focus was on crafting genuinely innovative chronographs, with Heuer’s first patent coming in 1882. This was followed by another in 1887 – and with it, watch-making was changed forever. The oscillating pinion was Heuer’s creation, and it’s still a vital part of any chronograph today, allowing the efficient keeping of time.


Ride of Heuer Life

Less than 30 years later, in 1911, Heuer patented something we’re all pretty familiar with: the dashboard clock. If you’ve ever checked the time in a car, you have TAG Heuer to thank for it. They called it the ‘Time of Trip’.


The innovations came thick and fast – and apparently naturally – to the Heuer family. The next major breakthrough hit just four years later, with the most accurate stopwatch ever created. This was followed by ever-more accurate stopwatches, and the inclusion of the split-second timer. In the 50s, they partnered with fashion house Abercrombie & Fitch, to produce a watch that displayed tide levels.


Out of This World

These days we tend to think of Omega as the ‘space’ watch – after all, it was Omega that was chosen by NASA for their Apollo missions. But in 1962, it was TAG Heuer who became the first watch taken into space. It was worn by the famous astronaut John Glen for the first manned space flight.


In the 80s, the watch company came down to the Earth – literally. They teamed up with McLaren to become the unofficial watch of motorsport enthusiasts. Makes sense really, given that just 14 years prior, the Heuer Monaco was worn by actor and racer Steve McQueen in the car flick Le Mans.


Time and again, TAG Heuer have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with a chronograph, from creating the world’s first automatic microrotor chronograph, to the first ever belt-driven watch. But even super-brand watches need a little TLC – that’s why we specialise in TAG Heuer watch repairs, to make your watch work at its finest. For more information about our services, simply contact us on 0141 946 6333 and our experienced team will be delighted to help.