No two couples are exactly the same; all relationships are completely unique. So, when it comes to planning to propose to someone you love, why are we expected to choose from the same jewellery collections as everyone else?



Well, this isn’t your only option.

A lot of people are now choosing to have their engagement ring individually made. Designed to represent and symbolise the special relationship between you and your significant other; custom rings have definitely become a popular option.

Not completely sold yet?

Eases the Stress of Ring Shopping

A lot of men find shopping for jewellery very overwhelming, especially when it’s something as important as an engagement ring. With all the different shapes, sizes, designs and prices available to choose from, a lot of people can struggle to find the “perfect” one. Choosing a bespoke ring means that you don’t have to look through thousands of them.

Everything is Your Choice

When having a ring specially made, you can choose every single part of the design. You have the ability to choose the size, the type of band (flat, oval etc) and the colour. Would your partner prefer gold? Silver? Rose gold? How about platinum? Once you have decided on this part of the design, you then can choose what type of stone or gem you want included in the ring. Everything is your decision!

Guaranteed High Quality

There is nothing to say that the engagement rings in the big jewellery chains aren’t of high quality, because we’re positive that a lot of them are. However, there is just something about having a ring custom made that requires that extra attention to detail that makes it, at least to us, a lot higher quality. It’s made by an expert to your exact requirements; they will work extra hard on making sure that it’s your perfect ring.

You Control the Cost

A lot of people immediately dismiss having a bespoke engagement ring because they feel like the price will be far too high for their budget. Whilst it’s true that a service like this has the potential to cost a lot more, this isn’t always the case. You are actually in a unique position because you have complete control over the price. It all depends on the size and materials that you choose! Just carry out plenty of research of beforehand!

Martins of Glasgow specialise in jewellery design. Made using your own design, our design or even a little bit of both, we can make you the perfect ring to give to the special person in your life.

To find out more information on our jewellery making service, please contact us on 0141 946 6333 and we will be happy to help.