An engagement is a day you will never forget. Romantic, memorable and breath-taking in all the right ways. As such, you want to be sure that you get one of the most important aspects of the day correct: the ring.


However, what do you buy for a woman that, for some reason or another, does not like wearing rings? It can be a delicate issue to confront, as the ring is such a hallowed aspect of the tradition of engagement. Yet there are options that you can find which match the sacred tradition of the engagement ring, without actually being a ring. As the symbolism behind the gift, whether a ring, earrings, necklace or other, is still the same.

So, what pieces of jewellery can you use to mark the day in lieu of – or alongside – the typical engagement ring?


One of the first options for an alternative engagement ring that you have is that of earrings. This choice can add an extra sparkle to the day, giving your love a memorable engagement gift that will look stunning both on a regular day and the eventual wedding day.

The wedding bouquet is one of the most stunning aspects of the actual wedding. But, naturally, it fades away and cannot be kept forever as the season’s change and flowers fade. Instead, you can give your love a flower they can cherish forever in the shape of elegant floral earrings.

The open design of the flowers capture the light and enable the earrings to dazzle all who gaze upon them without effort. After all, why have only one diamond on a ring when you can have a symphony in these earrings?

Or you may choose something that strays away from the more traditional diamond-focus of engagements. You may be drawn to show-stopping pearl drop earrings, with a swirling diamond-studded support, which offer a whole new aesthetic for engagement jewellery. Why buy diamond like everyone else, show your love is as deep as the ocean with a pearl drawn up from its deepest depths.


A bracelet hangs just above where a traditional ring would sit and so could be seen as the most logical alternative to an engagement ring. Especially one that is traditionally set with the diamonds, or holds the same shape of a ring simply on a larger scale.

As the circle is the sign of eternity, it seems apt to give your beloved a trinity of circles to mark the beginning of your eternity together. A Russian style bangle can help to represent your love three times over – much more than a traditional ring – as the three bangles stand for the three tenets of marriage. Love, honour, protect.

Its simple elegance is perfect for those that prefer a simpler set to their jewellery, whilst still holding a deep meaning to commemorate your engagement.


A final, perhaps the most obvious, alternative to an engagement ring is that of an engagement necklace. People often find these easier to wear and much more discreet, which is especially important in professions where rings may not be ideal (such as for doctors).

The crowning piece of an engagement ring is often stated to be the diamond. So, simply transferring this to a different format other than a ring may be the perfect solution to your engagement jewellery needs.

So, you may choose an elegant, single diamond that hangs elegantly from a white gold chain. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the piece, making it a chameleon that will match with whatever you choose to wear. From engagement to wedding day, to all the days after this necklace will be a warm reminder of the love you both share.

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