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Two Watches Walk into a Bar…: The Many Faces of the Watch

You might not realise it, but there’s actually a ton of differences between watches. Obviously you can spot the difference between a digital watch and an analogue – after all, one beeps every hour and looks like a calculator on the wrist. But there’s far more to it than that. For instance, you’ll sometimes see […]

Time in Your Hand – The Resurgence of the Pocket Watch

Horology has undergone many changes over the years, and many of these shifts have proved to be pretty permanent in nature. For example, wristwatches were originally the province of ladies, whilst men preferred the traditional pocket watch. Clearly this is a trend that is now long gone, as the market for gents’ timepieces is absolutely […]

Are Smartwatches the Future of the Wristwatch?

Many years ago, watches looked very different. Gentlemen were largely restricted to the use of pocket watches within normal society, until Louis François Cartier developed a wristwatch for a male aviator; a move which ultimately led to the widespread adoption of wristwatches. Throughout horological history, styles have continued to change, and now the so-called ‘smartwatch’ […]

Iconic Watches: True Vintage Classics (part one)

The last decade has ushered in a new era of innovative design and technologies in the watch market. With the dawn of the smart watch fast approaching it is important to remember some of the truly iconic watches that have gone before and which remain timeless classics. The Omega Flightmaster 1969 is a true vintage […]

Google Wearables: Android Watches

On their official blog, Google recently announced that they were launching Android Wear, a project that extends Android smartphone technology to ‘wearables’ (wearable technology). Google stated that they’re starting their wearable line with the most familiar and accessible wearable accessory—watches. The Android Wear watch will tell you more than just the time, as it will […]

Watch Materials: The Move Away From Metal

Luxury watches used to almost exclusively feature metals in their construction, but recently the world of horology has been moving towards ever more ‘modern’ materials. From silicon balance springs to the entirely anti-magnetic movements of some recent Omega watches, the manufacturers of prestige timepieces are experimenting with ever more unusual materials, and with great effect. […]

Men’s Jewellery: Timeless Trends and What Not to Wear

Men’s jewellery is a divisive topic. On the one hand, there are clear questions being raised about the very idea of men’s jewellery. On the other hand, there are more and more men moving towards the idea of making jewellery a part of their outfits; there are even guides popping up. Here at Martin’s of […]

Something Old, Something New: Vintage Jewellery for Brides

It’s official, vintage is in. Vintage clothes, vintage cars, vintage music , vintage hair and make-up styles, and vintage jewellery are extremely popular, and with good reason. The timeless class that is synonymous with certain vintage items proves their superior, transcendental nature. There are so many vintage jewellery replica pieces in high-street shops now; but […]

Buying watches as an investment

Whatever you collect and whether or not you plan to sell it, it is always good to know that the items in your collection are gaining in value. Whether it is a portfolio of properties or a book of stamps, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that they definitely weren’t a waste of money. In […]

Houston, We Have a Result!

We have all dreamt of being an astronaut, watched shuttle launches with bated breath and utter admiration and dared to imagine that one day that will be us. Unfortunately for most of us our calling was not to be a pioneering astronaut and reality eventually takes the place of dreams. Omega have recently found a […]