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How Often Should Your Watch Be Serviced?

How often should your watch be serviced? The simple answer is around every 5 years if you want to prolong the life of your timepiece and ensure it is always working correctly.  A regular maintenance service will involve stripping down the watch, ensuring all parts are working properly, determine if any parts need replacing, ultrasonic […]

British Watch Brands – Can They Compete With The Swiss?

British watch brands have historically lacked the prestige associated with Swiss watch brands. It’s fair to say that you could travel the world today and many people would be able to list Swiss watchmakers such as Omega, TAG Heur, Vacheron Constantin and more. But what about the British watchmakers, who were influential in horology in […]

Chronograph Watches for Men – Choosing the Right One

When it comes to buying chronograph watches for men, the first thing you need to ask is “Why am I buying one?” There are many potential reasons: chronographs are sophisticated and smart looking, they are solid timing devices, or maybe you just want to channel your inner astronaut. Whatever the reason for buying your chronograph, […]

Bridal Jewellery For Rent – Great Idea Or Simply Tasteless?

Have you heard about bridal jewellery for rent? It may sound tasteless but it’s every bride’s dream to be draped in fabulous jewels on their wedding day – and these accessories can come with a hefty price tag. Many brides simply can’t afford to spend a fortune on jewellery for their special day – they […]

Buying Second Hand Luxury Watches – What To Look Out For

Buying second hand luxury watches is a great way to save money compared to purchasing a brand new luxury watch, and although trends and fashion change all the time, a classic or luxury watch is timeless. Purchasing an older luxury watch means that you are buying quality. A classic design is timeless and will always […]

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring?

In days of old, how much to spend on an engagement ring was easily answered: the equivalent to the man’s monthly salary.  Back in 1950 the average full-time weekly salary was around £7*, so spending £28 on an engagement ring sounds very attractive.  But if we take into account inflation, that monthly salary was nearer […]