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Ceramic Watch 101: What You Need to Know

Ceramic watches are far more common than ever before but if you haven’t heard of them, you might be wondering how they make watches from this unique material. Ceramic is definitely still quite new to the world of timepieces but they are fast becoming a must for collectors. Let’s take you through some of the […]

How to Get Your Luxury Watch to Stand the Test of Time

Luxury watches are designed to last, but only if you take proper care of them. With the right care, your luxury watch can become a treasured heirloom that you can pass down to your children or grandchildren. A watch is made up of so many small components, all of which keep your timepiece working as […]

What You Need to Know About Hypoallergenic Watches

Hypoallergenic was a term that first came about in 1953 and it was used to describe any products that caused fewer allergic reactions. Eventually, watches also began falling into this category – some watches anyway. There are a few different watch types that can cause an allergic reaction – let’s start by looking at these […]

What To Do If Water Gets in Your Watch

Water resistance is a key feature of many of today’s watches. However, when used incorrectly, even top-of-the-line water resistant watches can suffer water damage. The reality is that no watch is completely waterproof, so it’s important to know what to do if you suspect there is water in your watch. Identifying Watch Water Damage One […]

Is Vintage Jewellery a Sound Investment?

Owning vintage or antique jewellery means owning a small piece of history. And there are many unique pieces to be found. It’s one thing to purchase vintage jewellery because you love it but another to purchase it as an investment. Is it a good investment at all? Here is what you should consider. Vintage vs […]

Jewellery Appraisals: What to Expect

Fine jewellery can be one of the best investments you make, provided it’s appraised and insured. In fact, it’s recommended that you have your jewellery appraised every few years to account for changes in the market. If you aren’t familiar with the process, here is what you need to know. Jewellery Appraisal Explained Monetary value […]

How to Choose a Watch Repair Professional in Scotland

If you love watches, you’re going to need to schedule a watch repair in Scotland at one point or another. From basic glass replacement to detailed repairs, you need the right professional for the job, especially if you own a luxury or vintage timepiece. When a watch is opened and handled incorrectly, it can result […]

Key Questions to Ask a Rolex Watch Repair Centre

Before you go ahead and request a repair, you need to make sure you can trust the Rolex watch repair centre you’re considering – this is one of your most valuable timepieces after all. In this blog, we will provide you with some guidelines that will help you choose the right horologist for the job. […]

What to Consider When Buying a Watch as a Gift

Whether you’re commemorating an important milestone or simply want to spoil someone important, a watch is a gift that can last a lifetime. However, just like the clothes we choose to wear, watches are highly personal. This is one gift that requires some careful thought. Here are some of our top tips for anyone buying […]

4 of the Most Common Jewellery Mistakes to Avoid

When jewellery becomes a part of your everyday life, it’s much easier to make a few common mistakes – mistakes that can ruin your favourite pieces. Jewellery will always be subject to general wear and tear, but there are steps you can take to ensure you don’t cause unnecessary damage. Since we regularly assist clients […]