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7 Of the World’s Most Famous Clocks

Before clocks, sundials were used to show the time through the positioning of a shadow on a flat surface, but clocks as we know them have now been around for a while now. Throughout their time, some of them have become incredibly famous throughout the world and some has become huge tourist attractions as well. […]

Spotlight On: Engraving

Engraving services are popular within the jewellery market, and have been for generations. Engraving is an ancient art form. It was practiced thousands of years ago when our ancestors carved images into cave walls and hundreds of thousands of years ago when shells were finely chiselled in Indonesia. Today, metal objects are some of the […]

The Oldest Working Clock And Watch In The World

Watches have been around for many centuries, with a large variation of different designs and brands. Have you ever thought about how old the oldest watch is? Same can be said about clocks. Before their invention, a sundial was used to show the time, by displaying the position of a shadow on a flat surface. […]

What Happens When You Have Your Watch Serviced?

Watches can hold a great deal of sentimental and financial value for many people. We understand that it can be hard to part with your watch if it needs to be repaired. This means that having your watch serviced is a good idea if you want to avoid repairs that can cost you time and […]

Top 10 Most Iconic Watches Of All Time

Watches can hold a sentimental value for some, whilst for others, they are simply a valuable asset to own. We have previously talked about the most expensive watches in the world, but price is not always what makes them the most unique. Throughout the years, watches have been formed into many different styles and designs. But what are the […]

Most Commonly Needed Jewellery Repairs

Having previously talked about the most common watch repairs we see on a daily basis, we are now turning our attention to the most commonly needed jewellery repairs. We see a lot of these issues, so our years of knowledge and expertise really come out to play when it comes to fixing your beloved pieces […]

Alternatives to Engagement Rings

An engagement is a day you will never forget. Romantic, memorable and breath-taking in all the right ways. As such, you want to be sure that you get one of the most important aspects of the day correct: the ring.   However, what do you buy for a woman that, for some reason or another, […]

Most Commonly Needed Watch Repairs

There are many things that can happen to your piece that may mean you need to seek repairs, whether it’s an expensive watch or not. In such a case, seeking trained professionals such as those at Martins of Glasgow is integral for keeping your watch in perfect working order.   So, what are some common watch […]

The Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces in the World

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. We all know that wearing expensive jewellery gives us a feel-good factor and a high-priced piece of sparkle can definitely complete any look. The higher the price of the piece, the more sought after and precious it normally is. From million pound watches to thousands […]

Spotlight On: Breitling SA

A Swiss watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland, was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling. The reputation of this brand was made as it became the go-to precision watchmaker for aviators. At such precarious heights, precision is key and as such Breitling have forged a reputation on helping pilots fly high with confidence. With such a […]