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Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is only on the 26h of March, but choosing a gift shouldn’t be a last-minute decision. When it comes to jewellery, planning ahead can give you the necessary time to decide on a unique piece, have something resized or pick out the perfect accessory. At Martins of Glasgow, we provide jewellery services that […]

Spotlight On: Jewellery Remodelling

Jewellery remodelling is more common than you may think! Many people have inherited jewellery and wish to change them according to their own tastes – or may even have unwanted jewellery that is not their style anymore. Instead of selling the pieces, or keeping them but not enjoying them anymore (in the case of jewellery […]

The Most Expensive Watches in the World

Watches should be thought of as an investment; many people buy them with the view to give them to their children later in life. However, there’s no right or wrong price to pay for a watch – it’s all down to personal preference. There are some extremely exquisite watches available, which should definitely be thought […]

Spotlight On: Longines

Here at Martins of Glasgow we are a fan of all things mechanical, but especially the magnificence produced by some of the premier watch brands from across the world. One of these brands is Longines; a brand which holds the oldest registered trademark as a watchmaker with its winged hourglass. They are famed for their […]

Repair vs. Replace: What Should You Do With Your Watch?

These days, when our personal belongings appear to break, we have grown used to throwing them out and replacing them at little cost. This ‘throwaway society’ isn’t just bad for our pockets; it’s bad for the environment too. Of course in some instances, your shoe, sock or even an item of jewellery may simply be […]

Are ‘Smart’ Watches the Future?

Recently, there has been an avalanche of ‘smart’ watches hitting the market. These are modern devices, often linked to a mobile phone, that allows for all your texts and emails to be attached to your wrist always. It appeals largely to the interconnectivity and the technologically focused modern world. There are some that claim this […]

4 Men’s Watches for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re in doubt about which gift you should give that special someone – or yourself – why not consider a watch? No matter your budget and the style you prefer, there are many options out there, meaning you’ll find the one that you absolutely love. A watch […]

Spotlight on: Rolex

Approximately 1 million watches with the famous crown come from Switzerland every year, as they are seen as the most luxurious mechanical watches. With a conservative and classic design, the Rolex is timeless and is for sure on the top of every modern man or woman’s wish list.   The Beginning of Time. Rolex was founded […]

The Craftsmen of Martins Jewellers

The Craftsmen of Martins Jewellers  At Martins of Glasgow, we are proud to be blessed with exceptional talent when it comes to the craftsmen that we have on hand to conduct repairs and services.With over 30 years of collective experience  the watch repair and service industry, it is safe to say that we have some […]

The Importance of Maintaining your Rolex

Rolex watches are one of the world’s most popular, expensive and valued brand of watches. Therefore, maintaining a Rolex watch is important; not just because you, the customer, have spent a great amount of money on purchasing the watch, but so that you can reap the financial benefits if you decide to trade your prestigious […]