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Advantages of Having a Bespoke Engagement Ring

No two couples are exactly the same; all relationships are completely unique. So, when it comes to planning to propose to someone you love, why are we expected to choose from the same jewellery collections as everyone else?     Well, this isn’t your only option. A lot of people are now choosing to have […]

Trading the Old for the New

A wearable technology revolution is currently underway, with leading companies such as Apple creating smart watches that help their customers put their fingers on the pulse of modernity. However, for those who don’t want to keep track of their fitness but rather have a standout timepiece then vintage is still king. The world of older […]

6 Things Your Jewellery Says About Your Personality

Jewellery is considered as being a way that people can express themselves to others. Whilst some might just see it as a good way to accessorise their outfit, other people see their jewellery as a representation of who they are. You choice in jewellery isn’t just showing off your personal style; it’s speaking volumes about […]

Taking Care of Your Rolex

Rolex watches are famously known for their durability and style, as well as precision. They offer sophistication to their wearers, and are truly kings in the horology world, with a perfect blend of function and elegance. For this reason, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the owners of these luxury watches want to properly […]

The Perks of Vintage

Why buy a vintage watch over a brand new model? This isn’t a question for most watch enthusiasts, but for people who need the latest thing in order to feel like they’re getting the most modern gadget for their money, the idea of a vintage watch can be a confusing purchase. For some it may […]

5 Tips To Maintain Your Grandfather Clock

Remember that beautiful wooden clock hanging in your grandparent’s dining room? Its golden numbers and carved wood made quite an impression on you when you were a child and the sound of its bell will bring forever in the memory of long afternoons solving crosswords with your grandparents. When such beautiful pieces are inherited, we […]

News Round-Up: Luxury Watches

The luxury watch industry is ever-changing, as new materials, designs and technologies are created on a regular basis. While some things remain the same, such as the need for excellent craftsmanship, others are a reflection of the changing nature of society and people’s individual tastes. In order to keep up to date with them, manufacturers […]

How to Change a Watch Strap

A watch strap can be the part of your time piece that experiences the most wear and tear over time. But luckily, for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts, it is relatively easy to replace a watch strap and install a new one. The process requires a new strap, of course, and a small flat headed screwdriver. It […]

7 Reasons Why Your Watch Has Stopped Working

Discovering that there is something wrong with your watch can be really distressing, especially if there doesn’t seem to be any explanation. Even though they can suddenly stop working for seemingly unexplainable reasons, it’s worth knowing that there is almost always a reason behind the breakdown of a watch. As a leading watch repair company, […]