As a specialist in Breitling watch repairs, we always like to keep an eye on the work of this famous watch brand, and it’s fair to say that their latest news certainly caught our eye.

The Navitimer is Breitling’s most famous timepiece, and, even though in more recent years its flagship status has seen strong competition from the newer Chronomat range, its prestige has never lessened over the years. That’s why new variations of the Navitimer are always received with such enthusiasm, and also why Breitling has introduced such diversity into this well loved family of watches.

Last week, the newest Navitimer watch was unveiled on the Breitling website, and this wristwatch, dubbed the ‘Navitimer 01 Panamerican’, is significant for introducing a superb bronze dial to the usually black Navitimer range. Only 1000 of these exciting limited edition timepieces are going to be created by Breitling, and the considered approach they have taken to re-imagine the Navitimer, whilst retaining many of its fundamentals, is sure to go down well with Breitling enthusiasts.

Breitling have placed a lot of emphasis on the movement of the Navitimer, fitting the caseback with an unusually large exhibition caseback so you can see the movement in motion, and you can certainly see why they’ve gone to such lengths. The BO1 movement is the mechanism that has been chosen, and this mechanical escapement remains wound simply due to the Panamerican being worn by its owner. It’s also certified to chronometer standard – the highest internationally accepted benchmark – so this in-house produced component certainly doesn’t deserve to be closeted where nobody can see it.

As you should be able to see just by taking a look at the picture of the movement in question, this is not a simple feat of craftsmanship, and it requires literally hundreds of tiny pieces all functioning in unison to ensure the high performance of this wristwatch. As you might expect, the failure of even one of these components could be serious, and so it is remarkable that Breitling have become so confident that they are able to offer 5 year guarantees with each of these movements. However, sooner or later you’ll need some expert attention, even if it’s only for a routine service, and so when that time comes we welcome you to come to Martins of Glasgow.

At Martins of Glasgow, we are experts when it comes to repairing even the most intricate watch technology, so even complex projects like the movement within the Panamerican won’t faze us. To find out more, please contact Martin by calling 0141 946 6333. Whatever servicing or repairs your watch needs, you’re certain to be entirely satisfied with Martins of Glasgow.