Have you heard about bridal jewellery for rent? It may sound tasteless but it’s every bride’s dream to be draped in fabulous jewels on their wedding day – and these accessories can come with a hefty price tag.

Many brides simply can’t afford to spend a fortune on jewellery for their special day – they and their groom are already spending thousands of pounds on the main event. But with bridal jewellery to rent, being decked out with beautiful jewels is suddenly in the realm of possibility.

Bridal Jewellery For Rent

There are other benefits of using a jewellery rental services. For instance, there’s no need to worry about the extra expense of insuring the jewellery against damage, theft or fire: the rental company takes care of the insurance.

You also know that the rented jewellery will be in tip top condition when it reaches you.  Renting jewellery saves you the trouble of cleaning and polishing a favourite heirloom that’s been neglected for many a year.  After the event is over, you simply return the jewellery to the provider without having to worry about its cleaning or maintenance.

Storage of expensive bridal jewellery after the wedding is another concern you don’t need to worry about if you go the rental way.  You’ll enjoy the adornment for the day then hand it back to the jewellers – they will have the heavy burden of security and protection of these beautiful gems.

Bridal jewellery for rent is far from tasteless – it’s the best way for the majority of brides to feel highly sophisticated without crippling their wedding budget. As long as you handle the rented items carefully and respectfully, you won’t have to pay any additional fees for this service.

There are enough providers in the market to cater for different tastes, needs and requirement. But before checking in with local jewellery stores and online jewellery rental services to see what bridal jewellery is available for rent, here are some tips that will come in handy as you search:

  • Look for jewellery that will complement your style, something that goes well with your dress and hairstyle.
  • Only consult a registered and reputable professional jeweller. This will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.
  • Do a thorough research and don’t make rushed decisions when settling for a jeweller.
  • Read through and understand the jeweller’s security policy.
  • Also go through and make sure you understand the general rental conditions. These include: rental periods and procedures, insurance, invoicing and dispatch, delayed return and extension of hire, early returns, damage and loss.

Unless you have an extremely generous budget for your wedding day outfit, bridal jewellery for rent is a sensible and great option for all brides.  Who doesn’t want to walk down the aisle adorned in their favourite gems without having to worry about how to pay for them, insure them or keep them safe in the future?