Most of today’s watch purchases, or at least the research, starts online. Making a final call on what watch to purchase is a highly personal choice, so does this mean it’s a good idea to complete the purchase online?

Here is what you need to know to help you decide whether you should purchase a watch online.

Buying a Watch Online: Should You Do It?

Whether this is your first watch purchase, or you usually buy watches in brick-and-mortar stores, you are here because you want to know whether online sales are a good idea.

The answer lies in how much you value the human interaction and confidence that comes with evaluating and purchasing a watch in person. When you purchase a watch in a store, you get to physically touch and examine the timepiece. You also get to ask as many questions as you need to without having to go back and forth over chat or email.

What’s more, you can also consider other recommendations from a professional – options you might not have considered had you purchased a watch online.

Lastly, there’s the benefit of negotiating and potential discounts, something you cannot generally do online – unless it’s an auction that is.

The only real drawback of purchasing a watch in person is that you may need to drive around to different stores to consider all your options and find the right price. This is a much easier task online.

If you aren’t planning to invest in a rare or luxury watch, making an online purchase is a great option. It’s convenient, easy to compare prices, and you don’t need to leave home.

If you are planning to invest in a luxury watch, here are some of our top tips.

Tips for Buying a Watch Online

If purchasing a watch in a physical store is not a must for you, here are some tips for buying a watch online.

  • Find an authorised dealer. If you want some added peace of mind while shopping online, shop on an authorised dealer’s store. If you cannot find an authorised dealer, do as much research as possible to ensure you’re dealing with a trustworthy and reputable seller. Reviews from past customers can tell you a lot.
  • Do some research. Before you start shopping for a watch, research the makes and models you are interested in and what they generally sell for, so you know what to expect. This will also help narrow down the online stores to consider.
  • Look at the return policy. While you don’t want to have to return a watch, sometimes it is necessary. Be sure to look at the store’s return policy before you complete your purchase.
  • Look at the warranty policy. Next, you want to look at how their warranty policy works. What should you do if something goes wrong?

There are pros and cons to purchasing a watch online versus in-person. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Just know that there are reputable online stores, which means you don’t always need to purchase a watch from a physical location.