Putting together the perfect stylish outfit is more than just clothing. Jewellery is what pulls an outfit together, gives it personality and helps to make it pop. One piece of jewellery you don’t want to leave home without is a watch. A watch is a multi-functional piece in that it acts as a fashion statement and performs an important task. So the question is, how do you pick the right watch?

Here we’ll discuss what’s involved when dressing to impress. These are five watch styles that work well in specific scenarios. We’ll take all the guesswork out of the process for you so you come across fashion forward and stylish.

Casual Outfits Call for an Understated Watch

Just because you’re fashion-forward doesn’t mean you don’t have casual outfits. Casual wear can be incredibly trendy, so you want to be sure your watch fits the look. Perhaps this ends up being your weekend watch, your vacation watch, or the one you grab for when doing errands.

Opt for a watch that has a minimalistic design. You don’t want any extra features, and it shouldn’t be too oversized either. The idea is that the watch works with the outfit rather than stands out. Sports watches are often great for casual wear, as are those with slim faces and watch bands.

Semi Casual Wear Calls for a Bit More of a Statement

Then we’ve got one step up from casual wear, and that’s semi-casual wear. This is clothing you’d wear to a restaurant or pub during the day, out to the shops, for a walk to the park, and so forth.

Again, you can choose a sports watch, but in this case, look for one with more unique features. Perhaps you are looking for one with an oversized face, an interesting watch face, a more flashy material/metal, and an elevated watch band like a metal link band. It isn’t fully dressy but is more than a basic watch.

Office-Appropriate Watches

Then we’ve got work wear, which for most people nowadays is a business casual dress code. The days when everyone was expected to show up in suits, ties, and even just a blazer and dress trousers are gone. At the same time, you still want to come across as put-together and professional.

Classic watches are an excellent choice for this scenario. Like a large watch face with gold or platinum details, a slim leather band or a chunky metal link band is perfect. In terms of digital versus analogue watches, analogue looks more polished.

Don’t Write Off Pre-Owned Timepieces

The final style is pre-owned timepieces. You can find a wide variety of styles, makes, and types. It’s also a great way to find watches that are unique, vintage, and can be at a more affordable price. Just be sure the watch is in good working condition. If not, then you need to be prepared for the expenses of fixing the watch, provided it is repairable.

Depending on the style of the pre-owned watch, you can wear it for the most casual event, with business attire, or even with your evening wear. You can use the same rules above and apply them to the pre-owned category.

For those with a reasonably large collection of watches, pre-owned watches are an excellent category since they have that vintage flare that is so popular right now. They may even look quirky, which could be your style.

A Watch Is a Personal Style Choice

Watches are a personal style choice. They are an extension of your outfit, and therefore, they speak volumes about you. The good news is that because there are so many different styles, there’s bound to be one that fits your personality and look.

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