Engagement rings may seem to be the norm for a couple to declare that they are becoming one, but the idea is actually less than 100 years old. It was a jewellery company that began to push the idea of using rings to declare the intent of marriage with its diamonds are forever slogan. So, it really should not be a surprise to us that Rolex is pushing engagement watches as the new rings. 

When did Engagement Watches Become a Thing?

You may not have heard of engagement watches yet, and that’s okay. The idea is still relatively new as it began in 2021. 

Behind the idea, you will find women wishing to propose to the man of their dreams, the LGBTQ couples stepping into a modern world, and couples who place more value on items of use than they do accessories. 

The Benefits of an Engagement Watch

There are excellent reasons why this trend may succeed in becoming the next engagement ring instead of a trendy idea. 

  • As we noted above, the watch is gender-neutral. This means it is finding use with all couples no matter their gender or standing. 
  • Luxury watches increase in value. An engagement ring holds its value for a while. But, it is rare that it will increase in value as new styles and trends replace older ones. However, a good value luxury watch will not only hold its value but increase in value. A luxury watch is an investment, one that you can pass down to the next generation. 
  • Personalisation options. With a ring, you can choose a great many styles, but those styles don’t take functionality into consideration. Consider the styling options a luxury watch can give you; If your significant other is a diver, you can gift a diving watch. Maybe you will want a racing watch for a racer, or a sports watch for a runner, the options are endless. Couple the personalisation options with your chosen colours, dials, and gemstone choices and you can have a piece unique to you. 

What Are the Rules of Using a Watch instead of an Engagement Ring?

At the moment there really are no rules to using a watch as an engagement ring. There are some things that you will probably want to keep in mind though. 

  1. Your girl may want a diamond.

If you think your girl will be upset about not getting a diamond, consider a watch that has diamonds embedded in the bezel. 

  1. Showstopping vs usefulness

One of the great things about engagement rings is the show-stopping force a good ring comes with. If you want to repeat this feeling, then you will be looking at some of the more show-stopping pieces. A watch with gold and gemstones that shine and sparkle in the romantic glow of the moment. 

However, if usefulness is going to be a factor, where you want your significant other to wear that watch all the time, you may want to take the show-stopping down a notch. With watches, you can still look amazing and be practical for daily use. Watches with stainless steel designs can withstand the daily wear and tear. 

  1. Comfort

Always consider the comfort of your partner when purchasing that luxury watch. If they are not comfortable wearing large, beautiful pieces, you can still bring the wow factor with a delicate watch embedded with diamonds or other precious stones. 

Care and Maintenance of your Engagement Watches

At Martins of Glasgow, we have a team of watch repair specialists with great luxury watch backgrounds. We can deal with service and maintenance issues with a wide range of watches. From Cartier and Rolex to a watch from the Tag Heuer collection. 

If you are considering purchasing an engagement watch, or need someone to service and maintain an engagement watch that you have recently received, get in touch through our contact us form to learn how we can provide your watch the greatest care, maintaining its value to you and your family for generations to come. 

Alternatively, find us at 1158 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G20 9TA, and drop in to speak to us about the services we have available to you.