Jewellery is a wonderful way to add interest to any outfit. There are no steadfast rules on what you can and can’t wear, which makes customising your look simple. That said, just like with other items in the category of “fashion,” jewellery does see trends come and go, and one that is big for 2024 is layering your favourite pieces.

Layering jewellery is a versatile trend that anyone can incorporate into their look, regardless of age or personal style. Whether you go for a high-fashion look or something understated, layering jewellery allows you to showcase multiple pieces at once.

Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the layered jewellery trend, including some tips on how to embrace it.

Focus On What Makes You Feel Fashionable – Not What “Matches”

The first tip with layering jewellery is not to worry too much about the pieces matching. The idea is to layer different metals, textures, gemstones, and styles to create interest. As long as there is something that grounds the pieces, then it will work.

At the same time, for those feeling a bit self-conscious about the trend, choosing matching pieces can be an easy way to dip your toes into the water. For example, layering a few silver chains of various lengths will create the layered jewellery look, but it isn’t quite as daring as some may go with the trend.

Looking stylish is your goal, but remember, you still need to be comfortable and confident with your outfit.

Necklaces Are Often the Easiest to Layer

Another way to ease into the trend of layering jewellery is to start with necklaces. A good rule of thumb is to start with three, all in different lengths. Standard necklace lengths range from 14″-33″, so you have a lot of flexibility.

When choosing the lengths, always be mindful of your outfit’s neckline. If you wear a round, boat, or turtleneck, you can likely experiment with any length you want.

However, if you are wearing a deep scoop neck or a V-neck, you want to be sure the longest necklace still sits above the edge of where the V-neck begins. In other words, your necklaces shouldn’t be longer than the neckline for these clothing styles.

Layering necklaces can often result in tangles, knots, and intertwining of the pieces. When this happens, the necklace no longer looks layered; instead, it looks like a mess around your neck. A solution can be to use a necklace detangler. This small tool prevents the necklaces from becoming intertwined and tangled. Think of it as a fuss-free way to wear layered necklaces.

Once you feel comfortable layering necklaces, you can move on to bracelets, following the same tips and advice.

Stacking Rings Is a Sophisticated Way to Layer Jewellery

Stacking rings is an excellent option for an elegant and sophisticated approach to layering jewellery. Again, the same fashion tips apply, and you can mix metals, gemstones, colours, and styles. The more variety of rings you choose, the more interesting and apparent the layering will be.

Formal Wear Calls for More Dainty Pieces

All the tips mentioned above will work with everyday outfits, from casual to workwear to hanging out with friends on weekends. Where things should be altered is if you’re dressing in formal wear. You don’t want the jewellery to overtake the outfit, so style experts suggest choosing dainty pieces with intricate details. Go with the “less is more” approach to layering, which also means no more than three pieces layered.

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