A good (and iconic) timepiece can finish an outfit off with understated yet formidable stylishness. Providing an almost subliminal embellishment to a look, and often providing practical, clever uses that allow them to ascend to an even higher plane of distinction, watches have finished off ensembles with real flair since their inception, be they on real or fictional figures. Here, we look at some of the most famous watches and what makes them – ahem – tick.

Businessman Showing Time on Watch

Rolex Submariner

Used by James Bond, no less, the Submariner is the jewel in the crown of Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual line, and is rightfully considered to be one of the most stylish and practical watches available. Originally engineered for diving, the line retains an excellent water and corrosion resistance, as well as quite serious issues with counterfeiting. With a model this good, it is hardly surprising.

Rolex Datejust

Up there with the Rolex Submariner in its recognisable, classic look, the Datejust is a watch that adds a supreme level of class to an outfit. With faces in gold and silver shades, the item is a reassuringly expensive one, as evidenced by its usage by Christian Bale and Michael Caine in the films American Psycho and Get Carter.

Reverso Jaeger-LeCoutre

The simplistic, rectangular face of this item pairs beautifully with a simple leather strap, and creates an air of un-showy yet elegant grace. On top of this, it has some neat practical features – including a steel back, which can be flipped to protect the face as and when necessary. So elegant and so practical is this fantastic accessory that it has been used in the Batman films for both Val Kilmer and Christian Bale. If Bruce Wayne wears it, it’s got to be good.

Casio DW-5900

Something of a cheaper model, the Casio DW-5900 is considered the ultimate in vintage watches, and is a very sought after item as a result amongst nostalgists and fashionistas. Known for its digital face, G-Shock technology and hilariously “futuristic” (in a sort of B-Movie way) look, the item is a perfect item for the 80s aficionado.

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