The world is currently obsessed with smart watches; simply lift your arm up or turn it and the screen display lights up showing the user an array of information such as the time, missed calls, and texts. They act essentially as a phone on your wrist.

These watches are amazing because they can do so much, but what about the humble analogue? A lot of people are going toward these new watches, loving that they do so much, but what about when they go wrong?

We specialise in Rolex watch repairs so we know how tricky amazing watches are to fix. The difference with smart watches is that they require you to go back to the provider, as opposed to coming to shops like ours which can fix your watch without having to send it off.

This is why we’re a little bit in love with the new watch by Timex; the new Timex Metropolitan+. Until recently all we’d seen of it was a blurry photo, and then they published this press release.

It’s just for men for now, but brings back the analogue watch face, allowing the wearer to use the watch for its original purpose, whilst also enjoying all the tracking abilities that we’ve become accustomed to having on smart watches, such as pedometers and heart rate monitors. These functions connect to your phone with Bluetooth technology so that you have complete access to the data.

Is that it?

Definitely not. Our favourite part of this watch is that it doesn’t require you to charge it.  This puts the Metropolitan+ in a league all of its own as the watch will be the first smart watch to depend solely on one battery. Reviews have speculated that this battery may only last a year, but that’s still far ahead all of its fellow competitors.

For the everyday smart watch lover, this is amazing news – you no longer need to choose between analogue style and digital functionality. The watch itself is beautiful, easy to read and offers affordable style.

Of course, not everybody has quite been converted to the smart watch revolution; for many, the epitome of style is still the original analogue watch, with brands like Rolex, Omega and Breitling going from strength to strength and remaining popular choices for watch connoisseurs.

Analogues are not going away any time soon; unlike smart watches they can offer many years, even generations of use, with the right maintenance and repair. At Martin’s of Glasgow, we can help you to keep your favourite analogue watches in perfect condition – for more information, simply contact us on 0141 946 6333 to speak to a member of our team.