We have all dreamt of being an astronaut, watched shuttle launches with bated breath and utter admiration and dared to imagine that one day that will be us. Unfortunately for most of us our calling was not to be a pioneering astronaut and reality eventually takes the place of dreams.

Omega have recently found a way for those of us that never quite made it into orbit to keep those dreams alive for at least a little while. Their latest effort is a new iteration of their incredible Speedmaster range and is named “Dark Side of the Moon”.

Frankly that name alone gave us here at Martin’s goose bumps, conjuring up images of us strapped into a lunar rover with Pink Floyd in the background. Once we saw the watch itself, we lost none of our initial excitement, as you can see below it is a truly artful piece of horology!

There may be those that question why Omega would make a watch that is so blatantly focussed on space exploration, so here is a very quick history. The Apollo 8 mission of 1968 was the first to fully orbit the moon and return safely, this meant that it was the first mission to actually see the mysterious and alluring dark side of the moon and see Earth rise from behind the moon. ‘But why a watch?’ we hear you ask; well the watches that were strapped to the wrists of those brave astronauts were Omega Speedmaster Professionals. Omega has made this new timepiece as homage to this incredible mission and promise that it really is something remarkable.

Given the manufacturing process that goes into it we are inclined to believe them; check out the video below to see exactly what makes it so special. From the ceramic bezel and buckle to the incredible in-house movement which incorporates a chronograph function, this watch really is a must for any watch lover.

Here at Martin’s we are one of the leading specialists in Omega watch repairs and are always excited to work with any Omega model. If you are already lucky enough to be the proud owner of an Omega timepiece that is in need of repair then don’t hesitate to contact us on 0141 946 6333 and we will be happy to help.