There’s nothing worse than when your favourite bit of jewellery breaks. Don’t fear! We here at Martins of Glasgow do jewellery repairs!

But… it’s always better to know what Jewellery to get in the first place to make sure that your jewellery is the best for you!

Our first tip with buying is that the dearer the price, the more likelihood is that it will be better quality, but obviously we recommend that you do research and make sure that your jeweller isn’t taking you for a walk, something that we never do!

Let’s take a look at chains, gold plated at the cheapest and most popular in the chain high street stores, but they don’t last for a long time. They fit their purpose to go with the fashion, but the plating wears off quickly and paying out for it to be re-done can become costly after a long period of time.


If you want something that is going to last you and your jewellery then go with a solid gold chain, it isn’t going to leave your skin green, or break a couple of months down the line. However, if you want to wear a piece every day, then definitely go for a hollow solid gold chain. We don’t want to wear your neck out!


So… what karat should this solid gold chain be? Well, you should definitely remember that the purer the gold, the softer it is and that means that it is more likely it is to wear out and scratch!

Skip the 20kt and go straight in for the 10kt or 14kt for non-scratch wonderfulness! Although, please keep in mind that the lower the kt, the more likely there is to be nickel and other not-so-cool goldness mixed in; a pain for those of us who are insanely allergic to it!

Hang on, we’re nearly there; now check out the link type.

This is important and where our service comes in, some links are more likely to kink and break than others, take a flat chain, that’s going to twist more than they did dancing in the 50s!

One that we will you to avoid is the Snake chain; they get caught on your clothes and hair and a kinked necklace is a nightmare or impossible to repair! But they do look, oh so pretty!


Also check out how thick your links are, make sure your chain is thick enough to hold a pendant (if you want one, you don’t want it snapping! Some of the best types are the Wheat Chain and Box chain, although there are a few other ones which are good too!


Look at your clasp and make sure your chain is smooth! Those are our rules of thumb when it comes to chains, although if you do want other types, and they do break, we’re more than happy to help!


We fix anything from chains, to broaches and from earrings to rings. Be confident that you can trust us to fix your jewellery, contact us today to find out how we can help you!