Buying a watch can be an exciting experience, but imagine getting home with your new watch only to find out that it’s fake. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will happily sell you a counterfeit model just to make some money, and if you aren’t prepared then you may fall victim to one. Thankfully, here at Martins of Glasgow we know a little something about fake watches, so we can give you a few tips to keep you safe.

Do Your Research

Before you even contact the seller you should do your research on the model you want to buy. One of the best ways to spot a counterfeit is to know exactly what a real one is like. You should have a good knowledge of the material, weight, type face, engravings, movement and sound of the watch. You can easily search for the watch online to get a feel of a genuine model, but some of the best information can be gained from auction records or watch shops.

Know the Seller

If the seller asks you to meet them in a quiet car park, the chances are that you’re about to buy a fake watch, but some counterfeit sellers go to great lengths to make the transaction seem legitimate. Research the dealer to see if they have a good reputation for selling watches in the past. Remember that it may be better to buy a watch for more money from a reputable seller, than it would be to procure a cheap model from a dodgy merchant.

Get the Paperwork

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for a watch not having a certificate of authenticity, but you should find watches that do if you can. If the seller is reputable, then it should be fine to buy a watch without the paperwork, but for a lower price. However, if the seller has a bad or nonexistent reputation, then buying without the certificates may not be a good idea.

Learn the History

Genuine watches have a history, and it is generally expected for the merchant to have some understanding of what this is. If the seller doesn’t know then it is certainly a bad sign. Some dealers will want to be confidential about this information, but an authentic vintage watch will still have the history.

Know the Red Flags

And finally, there are a few little red flags that you should be mindful of when buying a watch.

A low price, however tempting it may be, should be a huge red flag for you. If you are offered a vintage watch for half the price it would go for in an auction house, ask yourself why the price is so low. There may be a legitimate reason for a low price, but you shouldn’t just jump at the offer without questioning it.

Another red flag is when the seller is rushing the deal. There may be a genuine reason, but never purchase a watch quickly without doing your research first.



Now you should be prepared to go out and make any watch purchase your wallet can handle. Here at Martins of Glasgow, we are passionate about watches and are experts when it comes to watch repairs. If you are in need of repairs for all kinds of watches, including Rolex watch repairs, contact us on 01419 466 33 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.