You’ve spent a lot of money on your watch, so maintaining and servicing it is essential if you want to enjoy it for many more years to come. Every watch is subject to wear and tear so there is no way around servicing it.

What’s more, being proactive about servicing your watch will help you avoid bigger problems that will only cost more money to correct.

But how do you know whether it’s time to service your watch?

Signs It’s Time to Service Your Watch

Whether you have a mechanical or a quartz watch, there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for that indicate it’s time for a service.

  • Your Watch Feels Different or Parts Feel Loose

When your watch is on your wrist, it’s always moving, which can cause some parts to loosen. On the plus side, if you wear your watch daily, you can easily tell whether it feels different. If it does or you feel that some parts have tightened or loosened, it’s time for a service. If your watch is making a noise or rattles when you move it, it’s important to take it in for repairs immediately.

  • There is Moisture Inside the Watch

Moisture inside a watch is never a good sign and without prompt service, the watch will begin to corrode. As you can imagine, this can cause further damage that will either be expensive to repair or can’t be repaired at all. Even the slightest bit of moisture is an indication that a service is necessary.

  • Your Watch is Running Too Fast or Slow

This is the third most common sign that your watch needs a service sooner rather than later. Watches will always have a margin of error, which means it might be a few seconds too fast or too slow. However, if your watch feels very out in terms of time accuracy, rather get it serviced.

Many people tend to put off a service believing it will be costly, but this isn’t always the case. Watch servicing and repairs only get expensive when a watch isn’t maintained on a regular basis.

Some watch services are quick and cost-effective, particularly when you’re dealing with professional horologists such as Martin’s of Glasgow.

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It’s best practice to service your watch every three to five years, especially if you wear it regularly.