In our continuing series on classic watches, we take at look at some more iconic watches that epitomise what great watch design is all about. After all, great style never really goes out of fashion.

 Omega Speedmaster Professional

No list of the most iconic watches can be complete without mentioning the Omega Speedmaster Professional. This timepiece is, in many respects, the definition of an iconic watch. The Omega Speedmaster Professional was first released back in 1957, and since the time of its inception there have been a number of new editions and variations of this classic timepiece introduced. Interestingly, this watch is also nicknamed the ‘moonwatch’, given that it was the first watch to be worn on the moon.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

First created in 1932, the Patek Philippe Calatrava is the embodiment of timeless elegance and is the flagship model of Swiss luxury watch-maker Patek Phillipe. Intended at the ultimate legacy watch, the Patek Philippe Calatrava is designed  to be cherished and passed down for generations.

The Rolex

The Rolex is one of the most revered Rolex watches ever created, and has been highly sought-after ever since its introduction in 1963. It was designed to meet the performance demands of professional race drivers, and as such this iconic timepiece is designed for maximum accuracy and reliability. The rarest of these watches are those with what is known as the ‘Paul Newman dial’; it’s said that Newman himself wore one of these watches following his decision to take up racing. The key difference between a ‘Paul Newman’ and other watches in this series lies in the dial – the ‘Paul Newman’ edition features a number of distinct differences, such as an art deco style font.

These iconic watches are great examples of classic watch styles that are truly timeless. Whatever watch you own, it’s important to make sure it remains in the best possible condition. Here at Martins of Glasgow we’re specialists in Omega watch repairs, as well as the restoration of a number of other top of the range brands. Our highly skilled experts are able to offer the highest standard of repairs.  If you have any questions or for further information about our range of products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our experts team members will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.