With the prestigious Baselworld 2014 watch and jewellery fair only a matter of weeks away, Rolex enthusiasts around the globe are eagerly awaiting the latest news from this worldwide watchmaking titan. Baselworld invariably showcases the most exciting luxury timepieces to be released each year, and news from various other watch brands, such as Omega, has already begun to filter through to the public. With watches such as the Omega Speedmaster Mark II confirmed for Baselworld, Rolex aficionados are patiently awaiting a similar unveiling from their own favoured watch manufacturer.

Last year, Rolex undoubtedly garnered an enormous amount of attention with their Baselworld 2013 collection. Their most popular offering probably proved to be the brand new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph . Whilst this release was far from a new watch type, it represented an emblematic 50th anniversary celebration for a beloved family of watches, and was made all the more breathtaking by being crafted entirely from 950 platinum. With a unique aesthetic that was cemented by a chestnut Cerachrom bezel and a cool ice blue dial, this was a genuinely iconic introduction from Rolex.

So, what can we expect from Rolex at the 2014 show? Rather frustratingly for many, Rolex has yet to disclose any of its plans for Baselworld. Rumours abound though, and numerous people are hoping for a triumphant return from the old ‘Pepsi-Bezel’ GMT, with its inimitable red and blue colour scheme (see right). Other people are speculating upon the possibility of a new DeepSea timepiece, a fresh incarnation for the or even an addition to the Prince or Cellini lines. These latter families have been largely unembellished for a number of years, so many are hoping that the time is right for a revival.

Rolex will doubtless release a teaser at some point before their complete Baselworld exhibit is realised, and so the horological world continues to wait with bated breath. Whether you already own one of Rolex’s luxury timepieces or are awaiting the latest arrivals with growing interest, when you invest so much into such a timepiece you simply must ensure that it is properly looked after. That’s why we provide a professional service for Rolex watch repairs. Rolex themselves recommend that their watches are scrutinised every few years, and at Martins of Glasgow we can ensure that your precious wristwatch remains in full working order for decades. For more information, contact us now.