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The links below are some of our personal favourites. Some may have revelance to jewellery, watches & clocks and some will not. They maybe places we have visited or perhaps even clients websites?

Have a look and if you happen to use any of them, please let us know.

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Check this clients site out of for seat covers for every application: Hiking, dog walking, sailing, carrying children, building work, agricultural work, trips to the dump, everyday wear and tear. Seat covers for all popular cars, vans and trucks

Scotlands “Rising” crime novelist. Check out Franks website and buy his books!

Introducing Frank: Born in Glasgow, Frank was plagued from a young age with the urge to see more of the world than the rain sodden slopes of the Campsie Fells. By the time he graduated from University with a degree he hated, he’d already had more jobs than the River Clyde has bends. Short stints as a lumberjack in the Scottish Highlands and a moulder’s labourer in the local foundry convinced Frank that his degree was not such a bad idea after all. Thirty-plus years of living and working overseas helped him appreciate the raw beauty of his home country. Now a dual US/UK citizen, Frank makes his home in the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland, from where he visits St. Andrews regularly to carry out some serious research in the old grey town’s many pubs and restaurants. Frank is working hard on his next novel, another crime story suffused with dark alleyways and cobbled streets and some things gruesome.

In our opinion, one of, if not the worlds, friendliest distillery. (And more importantly – INDEPENDANT)

Simply the most fun you could have for a week, on one of the friendliest places on the planet. What more could you ask for? Whisky, music & good food.

The original and still the best, Scottish lifestyle magazine.

A lovely, private B & B, just minutes walk from Glasgow Cathedral, Provans Lordship (The oldest house in Glasgow) and the lively Merchants City. Run by the Auchincloss family, one of the oldest families in Scotland, predating the Clan system!

Ian Macilwains website. Ian is a professional photographer, who does some of the most amazing wedding albums you will come across.

He also specialises in distilleries, with images from areas of distilleries the public never get to see. Well worth a look at.

Clocks – the monthly magazine for clock collectors, repairers and makers worldwide.

McRostie’s origins date back to the 1880s when it began as a saddlers’ ironmongers. Over the years it became a wholesale saddlery and traded in leather goods, before finding its niche in the making of carriage driving and heavy horse harness. During the 1980s, McRostie harness was sought by driving enthusiasts both at home and abroad, in the U.S.A., New Zealand, Europe and Hong Kong.

In the late 1980s, a Glasgow retailer approached them for belts to sell in his shop. This brought a new opportunity and was to prompt a complete change of direction, subsequently leading to the now famous McROSTIE belts.

I personally own four McRostie belts, and if there was any critisism I could make is that they are too well made!

As a result of transferring this specialised knowledge away from the production of world class harness, McRostie now bring you a small but world class and growing range of premium quality heavyweight leather goods – a welcome contrast in today’s world of copycat mass-production.

Arkwrights is a specialist whisky retailer based in North Wiltshire. This tiny shop is an Aladdin’s Cave that contains an extensive range of over 500 single malts, including numerous rare and collectable whiskies. All are competitively priced and available by mail order from the excellent
website, or from the shop itself (where Ken and Fran will be pleased to see you, and will let you taste a few samples while you ponder over your purchases!!!!!)

Please check them out. Highly recomended and friendly.They managed to supply me a rare & limited Bruichalddich, that everyone told me would be just about impossible to get hold of.

International Watch Club
International Watch Club is a resource site for anyone who is interested in watches. Its watch directory contains information on hundreds of watch brands. it is not perfect by anymeans, but a good place to check some well known and lesser known brands!

Dickory Dock are a lifestyle management company and possibly just what the doctor ordered for clients existing & new, that even in these “hard times” could do with help in running thir hectic business & personal lives!

Just imagine being at your office all day from 8am till late and in the meantime they’ve picked up your dry cleaning, gone to the supermarket, booked your holiday, got the handyman in to fix the washing machine and uploaded your i-Pod!! Sounds good to me. Lets me get on with running my business! is a blog all about modern and contemporary watches. Provides advice on having your watch repaired by a watch repair service plus general horological info.

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