Although men’s pocket watches aren’t quite as popular today, during the 16th-century pocket watches were everywhere.  Not long after World War I, the demand for pocket watches slowed as the traditional wristwatch style emerged. Since then wristwatches have continued to dominate the market, but there is still something pretty charming about a vintage pocket watch.

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Why People Still Buy Pocket Watches Today

As far as fashion goes, we’ve all seen trends that we thought were gone forever, make a surprise return years later. Nowadays people, especially the younger generation, strive to find uniqueness and so it’s not uncommon to find youngsters with a love for men’s pocket watches. Others adore the classical style and for them no outfit would be complete without a good old pocket watch.  And of course since watches have the ability to hold their value very well, passing them on as an inheritance was and still is a common occurrence.

Top 5 Pocket Watches On The Market

For those with limited knowledge of pocket watches and their features, this guide could come in very handy. Here we have identified 5 of the best pocket watches on the market along with the specs that make them so good.

1) ShoppeWatch Half Hunter Eagle

This particular pocket watch has a very intricate design. The cover, which is made of bronze metal features a detailed eagle with its wings spread. Rather than having a solid cover the watch face is visible in some spots behind the carved eagle. The truly vintage ShoppeWatch Half Hunter Eagle pocket watch comes with a 14-inch metal chain and Arabic numerals. Some of its key features include:

  • Quartz movement
  • Made with antique gold, metal, and acrylic
  • A 45-millimetre case size
  • Very detailed design

2) Charles-Hubert Paris Hunter Case 3900-W Classic

For a more traditional pocket watch, the Charles-Hubert Paris Hunter Case 3900-W Classic is an excellent choice. Designed with a strong Parisian influence, this pocket watch is slightly slimmer than most. Complete with a date display and a swirl design on the inside of the cover, the 3900-W classic is an elegant addition to any collection. The specifications are as follows:

  • A chrome finish hunter case
  • Quartz movement
  • 47-millimetre case size
  • Date display

3) Sturhrling Original Montres de Poche Mechanical Pocket Watch

If you’re on the hunt for an old fashioned or retro style pocket watch, you may want to consider a mechanical one. In that department, you can’t go far wrong with the Sturhling Original Montres de Poche Mechanical Pocket Watch. It not only offers great value for money but is also a solid pocket watch. On the back of the watch is a kickstand and a belt clip for attachment to trousers. The sophistication of the visible working mechanics is complimented by roman numerals. Other features are as follows:

  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • 12-inch stainless steel chain
  • Kickstand
  • 44 millimetres

4) ZIIIRO Titan Chrome

The ZIIIRO Titan Chrome pocket watch has a modern retro feel to it. With an LED display its safe to say, that this is a very unique pocket watch. Made with lightweight aluminium, the ZIIIRO Titan has illuminated hour and minute segments rather than traditional numerals. It’s not quite to everyone’s taste, but for some its quirky style is attractive. More specifications include:

  • Water resistant
  • Weighs 10.6 ounces
  • Carabiner-style belt clip
  • No winding needed

5) Gotham Ultra Thin Railroad Pocket Watch

A classic yet stylish design with a brass casing. The Gotham Ultra Thin Railroad Pocket Watch sports a rich green face with large and easy to read numbers. A minute track is also included in the design for precision. As it states in the name, this pocket watch is ultra-thin making it ideal for all occasions.  Additional features are:

  • Analogue quartz movement
  • Acrylic dial window
  • 42 millimetres
  • 14-inch curb link chain with belt clip attachment

Five very different old fashioned and retro style pocket watches that are suitable for all budgets and tastes. They may not be as popular as they once were, but the market remains pretty large, presenting a wide variety of designs and styles.