Having previously talked about the most common watch repairs we see on a daily basis, we are now turning our attention to the most commonly needed jewellery repairs. We see a lot of these issues, so our years of knowledge and expertise really come out to play when it comes to fixing your beloved pieces of .

We can repair these and more, so take a look at what we can do for you if you choose Martins of Glasgow:

Broken Clasps

Over time, but most especially due to extensive use, necklace or bracelet clasps can become loose, bent or damaged. By having it repaired, you can be enjoying your jewellery piece again in no time at all. We can solder a new clasp in place and provide a more secure hold with high-quality metal and service. We also replace hinges in broaches and earrings, as well as claws.

This is one of the most common issues with jewellery, but, fortunately, it’s also an easy one to fix!

Ring Resizing

This is another popular service we provide. Resizing is necessary for several reasons, from weight loss, arthritis, an engagement ring that didn’t quite fit, and much more, so many jewellery owners request we resize their rings. Our experts have the right tools to accurately resize your jewellery, whether through stretching or bridging, for example.

Loose Stones

It is not that rare for stones to become loose over time. This occurs mainly because the prongs that hold them in place get worn down over time, or they get caught in clothing. Your daily activities will also wear them down, like doing the washing up, for instance.

Unfortunately, by the time most people realise this problem, a gem (or more than one) will have fallen off. It is important to get them fixed as soon as you realise something’s not right, or you risk losing a diamond or other precious stone forever. We can replace the stones in your jewellery or set them again should they fall, so you can rest assured that your piece will be restored to its former glory.

We take great pride in ensuring your jewellery piece will look as good as new when you bring it to us! Even the most high-end, luxurious jewellery needs maintenance and repair, and having a professional team take a look at your pieces can ensure everything is done efficiently, so don’t hesitate to call us today on 0141 946 6333!