There are many things that can happen to your piece that may mean you need to seek repairs, whether it’s an expensive watch or not. In such a case, seeking trained professionals such as those at Martins of Glasgow is integral for keeping your watch in perfect working order.


So, what are some common watch repair issues and how can they be solved?

Movement Issues

Issues with the movement are the major reason that people find themselves having to find a watch repair service. Dirt and irritants can build up inside the movements, which can have a major impact on the fine balance of the technology inside the movement. Any amount of dirt can cause major performance issues if lodged between the parts, believe it or not.

As such, you should regularly service your watch at regular intervals in order to avoid these issues. This should be done to clean the movement completely and all seals need to be replaced in the same session in order to protect the movement from irritants.

Dry Lubricant

As a complicated mechanical marvel, a watch has many moving parts that work in cohesion to give you an accurate time. Oil and lubricants are used in order to stop these movements from rubbing together and wearing down over time. However, this oil can become dry and cause parts to grind. Such grinding can cause dust to enter the movement, causing the first issue in this list.

Water Damage

Water damage can quit simply cause rusting throughout your watch if left unchecked. If rust takes over, the only option is to replace your movement completely; a costly endeavour. Many watches are marketed as ‘water resistant’, but this only protects your watch so far. Submerging a watch under water can trap moisture and cause this issue. Always be more cautious than you think you have to be, as the alternative is much costlier.

Mainspring Issues

Another common issue is that the mainspring can become faulty over time. The source of your watches power, this can break after many years of use. You can tell if the mainspring is broken if you feel no resistance on the crown of your watch. The mainspring breaking or loosening will cause poor performance, so should be fixed immediately to keep your watch working at optimal levels. You cannot overwind a watch and a mainspring breaking is due to the simple passing of time.

Repairing a precious watch is cheaper and more sensible than replacing it. If you’re not sure whether your watch can be repaired or what sort of repairs we can do, do contact us for more information.