The jewellery that we wear is one of the most personal and expressive things that we own. In spite of it usually having no other purpose than itself, jewellery is one of the few inanimate objects that can transcend itself and become almost a part of the wearer. There are a huge range of materials that can make up jewellery and while people all have different opinions of what makes it perfect, there are certain pieces that people seem to agree are valuable.

Usually made from precious metals and stones, jewellery is generally accepted as an expensive item but when it comes to expensive jewellery, there are certain items that stand out above the rest.

Heart of the Ocean

If you’ve seen that film about that ship… we can’t remember the name, then you will no doubt be familiar with this incredible piece of jewellery.  Made with a genuine blue diamond which alone is worth £15million, this piece of jewellery is sure to set you back a pretty penny.

Even imitations of this piece can cost as much as £2million, giving a good idea of just how seminal this piece of jewellery is.

The Graff Pink

A 24 carat pink diamond that is utterly flawless, no secondary colours, perfect cut and all yours for only $46.2 million. Hardly a bargain then, but this diamond is one of the most perfect examples of an item transcending itself and becoming actively loveable.

So smitten with it, Laurence Graff was more than happy to stump up the cash to see off the competition at auction and clinch it for himself.

L’incomparable Diamond Necklace

With a title like that you’re not going to find one of these at your local carboot sale; this truly astounding piece of jewellery has the world record for most expensive piece of jewellery in the world. The total diamond weight of this piece is a scarcely believable 637 carats, most of which made up by the incomparable diamond itself which is a staggering 407 carats.

Amazingly this piece of jewellery manages to carry this incredible price tag off whilst looking incredibly delicate and stylish.

Here at Martin’s of Glasgow, we might not have had any of these goliaths in the workshop lately but we still have years of experience with precious and valuable jewellery. We offer professional jewellery repairs and are sure to be able to keep your favourite keepsakes in perfect for many years to come.

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