The luxury watch industry is ever-changing, as new materials, designs and technologies are created on a regular basis. While some things remain the same, such as the need for excellent craftsmanship, others are a reflection of the changing nature of society and people’s individual tastes.

In order to keep up to date with them, manufacturers are constantly producing better and more innovative watches that can meet their customers’ needs.

Green is In

While blue has been associated with luxury in the watch world for a very long time, it appears that the colour green is starting to be seen in the same light. In this year’s Baselword, the leading trade show of international watches and jewellery in Switzerland, it was possible to see multiple shades of green in many luxury watches, from MB&F’s Legacy Machine (which comes in several colours) to Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Italia Independent.

The trend, then, seems to be picking up in the luxury watch world, with many others opting for this new style – after all, innovation is king and setting a new fashion can revolutionise the watch industry.


Romanian’s Love for Luxury

Wearing luxury watches is the perfect way to make a statement – and Romanians seem to think the same. While the Romanian luxury watch market appeared to have been stagnating for the last few years, it has now made an important recovery with a growth of 1.5%. In 2015, Romanians spent approximately £40 million in watches and jewellery, which is just a part of the overall luxury market in the country, estimated at around £334 million.

A Significant Growth

A first in the horology industry, especially in the stockists’ world, is the Watch Gallery, the UK’s leading independent watch retailer. The company has achieved significant gains this past year, reporting an incredible increase in regards to the sales of luxury watches with a record of £63 million. This means that the Watch Gallery grew a total of 13% from January 2015 to January 2016, with online sales coming out as a strong platform for selling these types of watches.


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