Burglars have recently stolen thousands of pounds worth of jewellery from a house near Colchester. Police arrived at Wood Lane, Fordham Heath early on the morning of Monday 16th September after the property had been broken into through a glass panelled side door and an upstairs window. The stolen items are thought to include a series of necklaces, bracelets and rings, along with an Omega Speedmaster Moon watch and a solid gold Omega Deville timepiece. These respective models represent a contemporary successor to the watch that was worn by Buzz Aldrin on the moon, and a member of one of the most classically elegant collections from this luxury manufacturer of Swiss watches.

Omega has constantly been driven by a commitment to pioneering new developments within the horological industry, as has been evident through their impressive portfolio of achievements that include the first specifically designed wristwatch for divers, the only fully certified marine chronometer timepiece and, astonishingly, wristwatches that have been present at six moon landings. The reliable and high precision manufacture that is inherent within Omega watches means that the unique mechanisms within each model, including the now iconic Omega Co-Axial Escapement, remain accurate to an almost flawless degree. This detailed workmanship also means that, combined with a service for Omega watch repairs, the lifespan of such a luxury timepiece can prove to be almost unlimited.

The intrinsic qualities of status, reliability and sheer worth that are present within luxury watches mean that they are often objects of desire for many people; and unfortunately this includes thieves too. A robbery taking place at a French luxury watch store in August has recently been described as one of the biggest jewellery thefts of all time. In this case the city in question, Cannes, was criticised for providing lapse security measures for these expensive products, and further enforcements are continually being implemented to both clamp down on criminal activities in this area, and encourage precautions on the part of the stockists.

Martins of Glasgow started life as a “classic” high street jeweller, but has since developed a premier reputation in the area of luxury watch and jewellery repairs. Being deprived of a costly jewellery item such a watch due to circumstances beyond your control is an unfortunate event, but having such an item ruined as a result of wear and tear or inadequate care is usually entirely preventable. We cover a range of watch repairs from all across the UK, and have even dealt with clients from as far afield as Australia and Hong Kong, so please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our extensive range of watch repair and restoration services.