Many watch enthusiasts dream of owning a limited edition watch but if you don’t own one yet, should you look at purchasing one? Or is this more a gimmick than anything else?

Let’s start with the definition of a limited edition watch.

What Does Limited Edition Watch Really Mean?

Manufacturers release limited edition watches to commemorate an event or to create a more memorable model.

Limited edition doesn’t mean there is a similar standard version available either. In many instances, a limited edition may be completely new and unique.

You may have also heard about special edition watches. While limited edition means only a certain number of those watches are made, special edition generally means the watch is only produced for a limited amount of time. It can also indicate the watch is an unusual model.

Many watch enthusiasts feel that limited and special edition labels are simply a marketing ploy. However, there are instances when they can be a worthwhile purchase.

Is a Limited Edition Watch Worth It?

Whether or not a limited edition watch is a good purchase is dependent on three factors.

  1. The Brand

How often a brand launches limited edition watches determines how unique and worthwhile the purchase would be. For example, Omega is one brand that is renowned for its limited edition watches. Unfortunately, this has watered down the exclusivity of these releases. Then there are brands such as Patek Philippe, which hardly ever releases limited edition timepieces. Finding one of these watches would be an investment and a worthwhile purchase.

Rolex is the only brand that has never officially released a limited edition watch.

Limited edition watches that are launched by lesser-known brands generally fall under the marketing-ploy umbrella and won’t hold much value in the future.

  1. The Model

The watch model also makes a difference to whether or not you should purchase a limited edition timepiece. History dictates that specific models become sought-after by collectors, while others don’t gain any traction at all.

Look into the history of the brand you are considering to see how the different models have faired over the years. If you happen to pick up on a trend, one of their limited editions might be a worthwhile purchase.

  1. What It Means to You

Since many limited edition watches are linked to special events and anniversaries, you may want to purchase one because of what the event, movie or release year means to you. Some examples of watches like this include the Ford Mustang 50th anniversary watch that was produced by Shinola and the Grand Seiko Godzilla 65th anniversary limited edition.

In Closing

Whether or not you purchase a limited edition watch is a personal choice, but it is highly recommended that you take the above-mentioned factors into consideration before you decide. Don’t purchase the watch because it seems to be a trend, purchase it because it means something to you or because you know it would be a worthwhile investment.