Engraving services are popular within the jewellery market, and have been for generations. Engraving is an ancient art form. It was practiced thousands of years ago when our ancestors carved images into cave walls and hundreds of thousands of years ago when shells were finely chiselled in Indonesia.

Today, metal objects are some of the more popular for engraving, and the most popular are pieces of jewellery.

Why Engrave Jewellery?

For some, jewellery can be the perfect gift, whether it be from a loved one or a friend, it is always a thoughtful, elegant, and long-lasting gift that one can cherish and enjoy for a lifetime. Engraving a piece of jewellery creates a significantly more personal touch.

Engraving jewellery is a way to make a gift into a message, and a statement that can last for generations within families. This makes the jewellery unique, and although others can own the same item, it can never be mistaken for a similar piece. The engraving means those who see it, know it was given to a certain person.

Engraving jewellery with a certain date of a very special day, or the initials of a loved one show a declaration of love for that individual. You can open your mind and let your imagination run wild with the huge range of engraving options which are available to you.

Engraving is a hugely personal and sentimental idea which can fill the intended individual with happiness. Read our previous blog on why you should engrave your jewellery.

Our Engraving Services

Our engraving services here at Martins of Glasgow are extremely popular, offering a full and complete engraving service for you. We are proud of employing one of the finest engravers in Scotland who is fearless of conquering any engraving task handed to him.

Our services cover a variation of areas, from a single initial on a signet ring, to a devoted message inside a wedding band, our services are of the highest quality. We can copy handwriting and signatures, engraving these in almost any popular font or typestyle, and not just that, we also offer machine and computer graving, enabling us to cater to your every need.

Our Unusual Engraving Request

Like many businesses, if you’ve worked in an industry for a number of years, there will be some stories to tell! Want to hear one of our more unusual engraving requests? As you can imagine, we have provided a lot of services on seal rings, cufflinks, and pendants, but on one occasion a family wanted to have a different item engraved.

It was a naval bar made in 9ct yellow gold. This was certainly different to what we were used to engraving!

Our services cover much more than just engraving, at Martins of Glasgow, we offer watch repairs, jewellery remodelling, and clock repairs! If you are looking for getting an item engraved, or you want any of our repair services, get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to help with any information.