Approximately 1 million watches with the famous crown come from Switzerland every year, as they are seen as the most luxurious mechanical watches. With a conservative and classic design, the Rolex is timeless and is for sure on the top of every modern man or woman’s wish list.


The Beginning of Time.

Rolex was founded in 1905, in London, England, reflecting timeless style and British passion before it flew overseas to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. The company began from Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, as “Wilsdorf and Davis” before becoming the brand we know today as Rolex. The company is now owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation which is a family private trust.

Before making Rolex, their main activity at the beginning was importing Hemann Aeglers Swiss movements to England and encasing them in watch cases of the highest quality, which were then sold to jewellers, who put their own names on them. The brothers in laws earliest hallmark was W&D inside the case.

In 1908, after opening an office in La Caux- De-Fonds, the company name Rolex was formed and the brand was born.

Due to wartime taxes on luxury imports, and exports of silver and gold, the company moved completely to Geneva, where the ‘Rolex Watch Company’ was established, which was later altered to “Montres Rolex, SA”, then finally “Rolex, SA”. In the mid 40’s Wilsdorf created his foundation, a private trust, to where he left his shares of Rolex, to make sure some of the companies income would go to charity. Since Wilsdorf passed in 1960, the trust has owned and run the business.

Innovation of Time

Since this birth of the ultimate time machine, they have celebrated many milestones and achievements such as; the first waterproof watch in 1926, the first automatic date change in 1945, and the first watch to show two time zones at once in 1954.

Since these achievements, Rolex has come on leaps and bounds and is now seen as a timeless and classic statement piece of jewellery.

For almost a century now, Rolex has been associated with sports, arts and science innovation and the excellence within these fields. The brand can be seen in the top sporting events such as Golfing, sailing and equestrian tournaments, and is not just a sponsor, but a partner and a reputation.

Every Rolex can tell a story, and whether it is a family heirloom, a new gift, or a milestone of success, the product isn’t just a product, but it can be an emotional symbol. As a brand that has been going so strong and has a dominant history, the Rolex may have had some controversial statements made about them, but this shows what a bold and charismatic brand it is.

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