Rolex watches are famously known for their durability and style, as well as precision. They offer sophistication to their wearers, and are truly kings in the horology world, with a perfect blend of function and elegance.

For this reason, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the owners of these luxury watches want to properly care for them at all times! Although they’re incredibly sturdy, it’s still important that you learn how to keep these finely tuned machines in top shape.

Have Your Rolex Serviced Regularly

While you may not think your Rolex needs regular maintenance from a professional, especially if it’s working as it should, the opposite is true. Even when Rolex watches are running properly, you should keep up a regular servicing schedule, as otherwise you might risk it failing on you one day. This is due to the fact that the friction within the watch wears it down as time goes by, and you might even find that a component of your Rolex needs to be touched up – which is useful because if you wait, those components might need to be replaced instead.


Know Where to Place It

When not on your wrist, your Rolex should be kept in a place where it’s safe and sound. For example, it’s vital that you keep it away from strong magnetic fields, as that can ruin its precision. On top of this, sunlight can make the dials fade away, so when you lay the watch down somewhere, make sure the dial is not receiving direct light. At night, your Rolex is best kept on a padded surface, not in direct contact with metal or wood, so that the bracelet or the back won’t get scratched.

You may also place your Rolex on a watch winder, so that when you’re not wearing it it’s still moving and, therefore, it stays wound. This means you won’t run the risk of having it run down while you’re wearing one of your other watches.

Cleaning Your Rolex

Regularly wearing your Rolex is important, as its frequent usage can assure the uninterrupted flow of lubricants in the moment of the watch – which will lead to a flawless running condition. Still, like any other piece of technology, your Rolex watch needs to be cleaned from time to time. Because there are so many components to your watch, you may find that dirt particles accumulate between them.

Make sure the winding crown is screwed on tightly before beginning to clean your watch; then you can use lukewarm water and a mild, chemical-free soap on your Rolex. Once you’re done, ensure that there’s no moisture remaining anywhere on the watch, so use a soft cloth to remove all remnants of water.


Rolex watches are an investment, so it’s important that yours undergoes regular maintenance in order to keep working properly. You might also want to ensure that your watch is protected on a daily basis, so that you can avoid having it repaired. A Rolex is a timeless piece that will last you a very long time if you care for it well, so if you’re unsure whether to clean it this way or that or think the watch is not running as it should, call in professional help on 0141 946 6333!