There has been a Longines watch in the pocket or on the wrist of celebrities and history makers since 1832.

The groundbreaking luxury brand has had an illustrious history filled with little known gems like these.

1. Tick Tock…Longines Is The Timepiece of The Kentucky Derby

The watch company has been associated with the prestigious equestrian event since 2011. They are the official timekeepers on race day. However, Longines’ association with horse racing stretches back to 1878. 

Then, the watch company manufactured a chronograph featuring a horse etched on the surface. The piece became a favourite among horse racing enthusiasts. 

2. Time Isn’t The Only Thing Longines Keeps Track Of

Longines keeps a record of every single watch it has made since 1867. If you have a family heirloom, you can approach the company to look in its archives and learn a little more about the watch’s history. This makes vintage Longines watches popular among collectors.

3. Longines Isn’t Named After The Manufacturer

Auguste Aggazis and his nephew Ernest Francillon started Longines but where are their names on the watches?

Strangely enough, the company takes its name from the French words for the meadow that Francillon eventually chose to build the factory on: “Les Longines”.

4. Up, Up and Away

Longines assisted famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh, with developing a watch that helped pilots better navigate the open sea.

Called the Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch, Longines recently re-released 90 collector’s pieces to mark the 90th anniversary of Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Always an Innovator

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only watch technology that the company has invented or improved

Longines was the first company to introduce GMT on their timepieces. They’ve also been responsible for several innovations that allowed split-second timing to be done at sporting events. 

Longines continues to be a popular brand at some of the world’s largest sports meets.

6. Look Very Closely Mr. Bond

While Mr. Bond appears to favor another brand, several of his co-stars over the years have sported Longines. 

A-list actors such as Ralph Fiennes and Mads Mikkelsen have worn Longines’ watches in their scenes.

7. The Longines Nobel Prize Connection

There are some pretty smart people behind the innovations found in Longines watches, but did you know one of the smartest men who ever lived owned not one, but two?

Nobel prize winner, Albert Einstein, was the proud owner of two Longines watches throughout his lifetime.

8. One of the Oldest Registered Trademarks in the World

When you’ve been around as long as the Longines brand you collect many records. Longines currently holds one for having the longest-held trademark in its original form.

This logo, the wings and the hourglass continue to be stamped on the back of each watch.

9. Longines Produced its 50 Millionth Watch in 2019

Two hundred years is a long time to design and manufacture watches. It means you’re going to rack up some interesting numbers.

In 2019, Longines marked the production of its 50 millionth watch with a collectible. Part of the Master Collection Annual Calendar series, this watch is stamped with a special edition of the logo and “50th million” at the back.

10. Longines has its own watch museum

One day, the 50th millionth watch may have its own display in Longines’ museum. Watch connoisseurs can visit over 800 timepieces the museum has in its galleries and learn about the company’s history and see its innovations develop through the centuries.

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