Here at Martins of Glasgow, we’re passionate about clocks and watches. Whilst we typically deal with timepieces on a smaller scale, we’ve just recently come across the biggest clock in the world, the Mecca-clock, a truly unique timepiece which really is an engineering marvel, and we just couldn’t resist talking about it.

This record-breaking clock sits atop the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and features a truly stunning design. In addition to being the largest clock in the world, at 1,972 feet, the clock tower is also one of the tallest buildings on the planet, and is visible from over 16 miles away. This impressive clock holds a number of other records too; for example, featuring the largest clock face in the world.




Each of the clock’s four faces, which measure 141 square feet a piece, are comprised of a staggering 98 million pieces of glass mosaic. These clock faces, which are inlaid with gold, are also lit by millions of tiny LED lights.

The clock also boasts some pretty impressive hands too, and whilst the hour hands of the clock measure 56 feet, the minute hands are a rather more sizeable 72 feet. Each of the clock’s drives also weighs a hefty 21 tons.

This innovative clock really is a spectacular feat of design and engineering, and is in many respects a bit like “Big Ben on steroids”. To put things into perspective, by comparison, Big Ben stands at a mere 316 feet, making the Mecca clock 35 times larger.

The clock also towers over its nearest rival, the Istanbul Cevahir clock, whose clock face has a diameter of only 36 metres.

Construction of the clock was completed in August 2010, with the project reportedly costing a staggering £9 billion to complete.

Ultimately, there’s no denying this is one extraordinary clock, though maintaining this impressive timepiece must be a feat in itself.

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